How to Teach an Older Child to Ride a Bike?

Are you are looking for a guideline about how to teach an older child to ride a bike, then here is a complete guideline that will surely help you to teach your older child to ride a bike perfectly.

How to teach a scared child to Ride a Bike – Mental Preparation:

The foremost important thing is to prepare your child mentally to learn about bike riding as it is easy to make an older child’s mind compared to the kids. Moreover, older children can learn fast if we guide them properly.

So to make their mind to learning bike riding, let them see other kids riding bikes. It will surely increase their interest in bike riding. They can learn basic things like how to sit and start by visualizing the other child’s activities.

Summary: For the mental preparation of your child, let them see other kids riding bikes, and learn basic things about bike riding.

How to Select a Perfect Place for Practicing?

If you want to teach your child bike riding efficiently, proper practice plays a key role. For practising, appropriate places are required so that child continue their practice to enhance skills in bike riding. If you select sidewalks and neighbourhood roads for this purpose, it will make the kids nervous.

So, you should always select the open area so that a child can easily move and change direction while riding, without any hesitation. You can easily teach them to balance in that area by holding the bike. It’s easy to take a start and stop the bike in these open areas.

Summary: Select an open area for the practice of bike riding. It will make your learning easy and comfortable.

How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike in 5 minutes?

Teach your child how to start the bike by instructing them to apply the force with their feet. So that bike can move forward steadily. After starting, teach them how to balance the bike to move it steadily and comfortably. For this, ask them to extend their feet in a straight position to both sides.

Teach them to move bikes in different directions by moving the front of the bike to different directions while keeping the bike at a steady speed. In the final step, teach your child how to stop the bike by applying brakes. Ask them to apply the brakes at a certain point smoothly.

Give appropriate instructions to your child so that he can learn how to ride a bike properly and know how to start, balance, move in different directions, and stop the bike.

During riding a bike there is always some risk of an accident while you are riding a bike. So it is a very important step to adopt all the necessary measures to avoid the risk of accidents while riding

Use all necessary safety tools such as a helmet for your hands, protective shoes, etc. The helmet is very important, and you must ask your child to wear it. Wearing helmet is also the requirement of country law.

Summary: Follow all the instructions and safety measures while riding the bike, like wear helmet, protective gloves, and shoes.


If you are searching for the ideal manual on how to teach an older child to ride a bike, this article is the real thing you are searching for. By following all these guidelines, you can encourage them in a good way with the goal that they develop the confidence to ride the bike like a master.

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