How To Take A Polaroid Of A Phone Screen

How To Take A Polaroid Of A Phone Screen

Take a picture of your computer screen with jifilm instax? ۔

I want to take a picture with a movie on my computer screen, but I think flash spoils everything, but what happens if I cover my camera flash? Will I spoil the picture again?


I want to take Polaroid photos on my computer. I already know how to save to my screen.

I don't know your camera, but you need these images to:

In a dark room, any light source (or window, whatever it may be) appears on the screen. You can't consciously feel it when you sit there, but the image is reflected.

A tripod

Ordinary telephoto lenses are more distorted than traditional wide-angle lenses for this type of shot.

Manually adjustable camera.

Mount the screen in a dark room, place the camera on the tripod in front of the screen, always keep the screen closed, make sure you don't see any reflection on the screen.

Press the screen, set the camera to exposure time which is at least twice the refresh rate of the image (ie 60Hz, exposure time> 1/30 second), set the aperture to get a little under exposure

BTDT years ago, when the only way to get a picture of a computer screen on a classroom wall was to take a slide from the screen.

You can't do this with Instax, which can't turn off Flash. If you cover the flash, the image will not come out because 1) the visibility is bad and 2) you get the scan line.

You need a swivel or film camera with adjustable settings to record the monitor successfully. Your only option is to take a screenshot and print it. When you need a copy of something on your screen, such as B. Take a quick movie and a picture of a printed screen.

Flash cannot be used. You should really use manual display on a computer monitor unless there is adequate lighting for automatic display.

Why do you want to take a picture of your screen? You can easily take screenshots. This function is part of the operating system. On Windows computers, you can use the Alt + Print screen (capture the active window) or double-press the print screen (lift the full screen) to copy the screen content to the clipboard. Paste the clipboard into your image editor in your favorite image editor.

How To Take A Polaroid Of A Phone Screen