How To Streamline Your eCommerce Store With Automation?

The evolution of online shopping has changed customer behavior largely. Customer loyalty and their chances of making repeated purchases from you now depend greatly on the shopping experience that they had while placing their previous orders with you.

Bad management on the back end can result in a bad shopping experience, with more drawbacks such as:

  • Delayed shipments

  • Inaccurate stock visibility

  • Absence of product details longer order fulfillment time

  • Increased inventory costs

  • Delayed replies to queries

…and many more.

Hence, streamlining the processes of your eCommerce business is as important as the appearance of your website, portal, store, or marketplace that your customer sees. It might not turn out to be as easy as it sounds, but Unicommerce caters to all the aspects of eCommerce management seamlessly with their cloud-based solutions for assisted automation of day to day activities at your store or warehouse.

Top 6 ways by which you can employ automation in your store to boost and streamline your processes:

1. Order Management

Order Management is the most important process in eCommerce Management. It involves all the steps right from the initialization of an order until it is delivered to the end-users. The way you manage your orders directly influences the customer experience at your store. A cloud-based order management software can help you to automate a lot of these processes while streamlining orders from multiple channels on one platform. Its benefits include:

  • Improved oversight of inventory.

  • Cost reductions through order accuracy

  • Real-time order status for better customer service

2. Customer Management

Automation tools in this category can help you to build more loyal customers and keep them occupied for longer periods of time, increasing their memory retention about your products and services, and more likeliness of giving you more sales.

Automation tools can help you to track and reward your loyal customers, provide offers and deals to repetitive visitors, send targeted emails, create effective buyer profiles to make your campaigns powerful, and many more such highly useful and effective activities. All this is not a one man’s task, and so it is important to involve a team to get things done in this regard.

Its benefits include:

  • Enhances Better Customer Service.

  • Facilitates discovery of new customers

  • Increases customer revenues

  • Helps the sales team in closing deals faster

  • Enhances effective cross and up-selling of products

  • Simplifies the sales and marketing processes

  • Makes call centers more efficient

  • Enhances customer loyalty

3. Inventory Management

Automation in inventory management can mean maintaining and monitoring your stocks, keeping them visible to your vendors and sales executives, along with generating automatic alerts about stock replenishment requirements. A custom cloud-based inventory management software can help you to streamline all the records of your goods and products on one platform and manage them in real-time with a collaborative approach with your vendors and sellers. Its benefits include:

  • Simplified inventory management.

  • Reduced risk of overselling

  • Greater cost-savings

  • Avoidance of stock-outs and excess stock

  • Improved business negotiations

4. Accounts Management

Accounts Management is a necessity for every business. How it’s done depends greatly on various factors. Some businesses prefer to do it on a monthly or weekly basis, while some streamline their accounts on a daily basis. Automation in this category can result in an accurate record depiction of your revenue, overheads, and expenses, as well as inventory costs.
these with automated barcode and QR code scanners, combined with occasional assisted manual entries can help you to streamline your accounts seamlessly. Its benefits include:

  • Boost revenue and improve retainment rates.

  • Heightened account control.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

5. Invoice Management

Automation in this category can boost your day to day productivity and amplify the overall amount of work finished at your store or warehouse by multiple folds. It can be employed with the help of automated payment friendly gateways, bar code, and QR code scanners, integrated payment gateways across channels and platforms, etc., to help you streamline all your invoices in one place with the help of a cloud-based web portal or software.

Its benefits include:

  • Faster invoice processing, lower costs per invoice, and decreased error rates.

  • Quicker approval of invoices.

  • Real-time invoice-processing visibility…

  • Rapid reconciling of purchase orders.

6. Return Management

Returns are inevitable in any business. If you want to provide your end-users with a seamless and stress-free purchase experience, you have to offer a return policy. An intact return policy has become very important especially when it comes to online shopping. Smart automation in this category can be a return management software incorporated or integrated with your order and invoice management system to keep everything streamlined across your sales channels. Its benefits include:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction.

  • Reduced Overall Total Cost

  • Protected Revenue and Income

  • Bring Transparency in Operations


Unicommerce has developed superior and truly effective solutions for the efficient management of all the processes in an eCommerce business. The software solutions developed by Unicommerce can be used to strengthen and simplify all your processes on one portal while serving you with the ease to analyze huge chunks of data rapidly.

The software for each of these functions can be availed by opting for any of the 3 major plans offered by Unicommerce, namely standard, professional, and enterprise.