How To Sterilize A Needle

How To Sterilize A Needle

What can I use to sterilize needles? ۔

I know rubbing alcohol is ideal, but I can't find it. Is there another way to replace isopropyl alcohol (someone told me when Cologne worked)? Thank you very much!

Don't put it ... just boil the kettle and put it in the needle or microwave, put the boiled water in a bowl / microwave and heat the water in the microwave for 2030 seconds ... needles, because even though the metal is small, there are needles that Made of metal, so keep checking;

What helps, for example.

Oh yeah

Boiling water will not sterilize needles if they are infected with viral hepatitis or worse. Heaven helps you if you follow the advice of your friends or some people here.

It is safe to buy sterile needles in their packaging. So you have to get an autoclave that is heated to a very high temperature under the pressure of steam.

Washing previously used needles with bleach and heating them under fire is a decent protection, but it's certainly not perfect. Cleanse your skin with isopropyl alcohol, which you can find at any store.

Friends, here are some important questions to ask ... What could happen if prisoners benefited from last minute stays? If dirty needles make you sick, move on. What if the person giving the IV gets stuck with the needle? I can certainly complain if my mother is caught with a dirty needle in which I trade to make prisoners. And that they did not completely disinfect it. They come in sterile use, the person using the IV must be sterile when inserting the cut folding and inserting the IV.

How To Sterilize A Needle

How To Sterilize A Needle

Prem or cologne may work due to the alcohol content, but I would suggest pexide or heating. Or red or on fire until boiling.

1. Put in boiling water.

2. Heat out.

3. Rub with alcohol.

3. With details, German etc.

My PE is helpful and kind.

Put a match on top until it turns red, let it cool and sprinkle some hydrogen oxide on top.

Put in boiling water.

Heat until red. Be careful not to melt or burn, do not shoot.

My question is why do you sterilize needles? ... Hmm?

Is there anything wrong


How To Sterilize A Needle