How to start Keto Diet?

Well, to know how to start keto diet, you need to limit the intake of carbs and replace it with healthy fats and proteins. In this way, your body will get into the process of ketosis, and you will observe the weight loss in your current body mass.

Keto Diet

Tips to Start Keto Diet:

Some basic steps to start a keto diet are given below:

1. Control your Carbs intake:

First of all, you have to limit your intake of carbs in the diet; this is the basic rule to start a ketogenic diet. You can reduce your daily carbs intake to about 20 g in a day. The main reason behind cutting down your carbs intake is that with low carbs in the diet, less fat will be stored in the body, and you will not get overweight.

2. Lower your Protein Intake:

You need to remember that a low carbs diet does not mean you can take a high amount of proteins in the diet. If you take more proteins in the diet, then there will be more burdens on your kidneys.

Moreover, the excess amount of protein will be broken down and converted into glucose. So, that you can lose your weight quickly

3. Consume more Fats:

A low carb or keto diet is high in fats portion. Fat will give our body a great amount of energy and a feeling of fullness. Actually, in a keto diet, we have to keep the number of carbs and proteins constant but increase the fat portion.

What you can take in Keto Diet?

To get the whole idea of how to start Keto Diet diet, you need to consume more protein and fat, you can also take the following foods in your meals.

Meat: Chicken, Turkey, and Red Meat

Seafood: Salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel, sardines, clams, oysters, and squid.

Dairy Products : Greek yoghurt, unprocessed cheese such as cheddar, cream, mozzarella.

Green Vegetables: Onion, pepper, potatoes, yams, broccoli, cauliflower.

Seeds and Nuts: Almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, Brazil nuts, cashews, pistachios .

Summary: There are many other diets you can include like extra virgin olive oil , avocado , avocado oil,, and eggs—the best way to make a whole meal with a different combination of foods, as mentioned above.

What are some handy tips to start a keto diet?

There are additional tips that you must follow because these tips will help you to get adapt to the ketogenic diet:

  • It is advised to drink a lot of water when you are on a keto diet because the state body is not storing the proper amount of water. Try to drink about 12-16 glasses of water.
  • Do not eat all the time because it is not right to take about 5-6 meals a day. Also, it will affect the weight loss journey.
  • Try to do some light exercise, but this will help you to feel good.
  • You should take healthy and whole food items.


Another name for the keto diet is “Low carbohydrates containing diet.” If you have decided to start a ketogenic diet, it can be quite difficult and discouraging. I am also doing this for many years, but it is not always as simple as it seems. However, if you have decided, then start it now because you have to make a start from somewhere. The right time to do anything is today!

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