How To Split 100 3 Ways

How To Split 100 3 Ways

If you divide 100 by 3, you get 33.3333333 ... but if you multiply 33.3333333, is that equal to 99.9? Understand? 3

Does it have a mathematical meaning?

Technically, this is equal to 99.99999999999999999 ... infinity, which is equal to 100 in every respect. Your calculator is limited due to its limited memory and therefore cannot enable it for you.

The distribution is the same. Divide 100 into 3 equal parts. You have $ 100 and you want to share it with your 3 friends. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this. So the real life distribution is 33.3 + 33.3 + 33.4 = 100. Mathematically, you get 33.3333333 which is an estimate ... and so you get 33.33333 ... multiplied by 3 ... you get the number closest to 100, which is where it is. 99.999999999. And 99.999999999 is about 100. That's it

Makes sense. Understand that more than 39 is not close to infinity. Everything comes from the infinity of 3 that you multiply. The closer you get to Infinity 3, the closer you get to = 100. This is called an asymptotic line.

100/3 gives you a decimal number, which is not infinite.

The more decimal places you count, the more accurate the answer will be, but it will never go back to 100.

The best way to change these numbers in a problem is to keep a partial format so that you do not make mistakes in your answer by dividing the number quickly. Maybe you can make it easier at work.

How To Split 100 3 Ways

How To Split 100 3 Ways

Oh! They use decimal answers to prove otherwise ... Hmmm

Since the fraction 100/3 can be reduced to 33 1/3 as a mixed number, it is easy to see that if you multiply the same mixed number by 3, your answer will be 100!

Fractions are not always absolute numbers !!!!!!

They are just a way to represent a certain number or idea!

Even with PI! pi = 3.14 ......

And! 99.999999999999999999 for all deep purposes ... not 100!

Absolutely not! Don't stop! Not in this example!

When you think about these things, stick to the fraction and don't try to convert the fraction into decimals and then go back to the fraction!

3 * 33.33333 ... = 99.99999999 .....

100 × 3 = 33 1/3 = 33.333333 ....

You have changed the infinite repeating decimal number (33.3333 ....) to the final decimal number (33.3333333). So that sounds illogical.

How To Split 100 3 Ways