How to soften brown sugar?

A couple of days ago, when I took out the brown sugar jar from the back of my pantry closet, I found out that the brown sugar was converted into solid hard rock. To deal with the situation, I started to look for solutions, and I found the following solutions for this problem:

Use a paper towel that’s a little bit moist and place it in a plastic bag with the hardened sugar. Now microwave the plastic bag for 20 seconds, and you’ll get the soft sugar in no time. However, if you’re worried about microwaving a plastic bag then don’t worry because you can use a simple ceramic bowl too for this process. Place the moist paper towel and sugar in the bowl and then cover it with a plate or a lid.

If you don’t need the sugar urgently then you can try the following methods:

Using Bread

Bread is a readily available element that can be found in any kitchen. You can use it to convert your rock-solid brown sugar to soft powder again. All you have to do is place a piece of bread and sugar in a plastic container and then seal it down. Bread will lose its moisture, and sugar will absorb it.

Using Apples

The basic idea of this method is the same as the bread method. Place some slices of apple with the brown sugar and then seal it down in a container. The process will be the same, but the moisture from apples will give a unique taste to the sugar.

Let the sugar rest idle

If you let the solidified brown sugar rest for a while in an open place, it will absorb the moisture from the air and will turn into powder. However, this will take about 1 to 2 days.

When you invent that your brown sugar has been hard, so your all plan of cooking are spoiled. And you want to soften it in only a few minutes, all these conventional methods you heard will off your mode. But I am here to give you such great methods to soften brown sugar. And you will be back on your track of planning cooking. Let’s check what I am going to write about.

  1. Use Your Microwave Oven
    Put brown sugar in microwave oven and placed a damp paper towel on it. Or placed a cup of water in a separate bowl. Heat it up to a half-hour.

  2. Soften Brown sugar Using Bread Or Apple Slices
    Place your hardened brown sugar in a plastic bag with apple slices or fresh bread pieces. Cover tightly and leave overnight.
    Next morning open the bag, it will be soft brown sugar. If it was not then repeat the process.

Do you love to bake cookies or cakes at home? Are you looking for ways of how to soften brown sugar? Stay tuned to know the answer!

How to Soften Brown Sugar

Don’t know How to Soften Brown Sugar?

You have seen that the brown sugar is so clumpy and solid as a rock when you put it out from the packet. Well, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Here you can read the various easiest methods with the help of them, and you can easily achieve your goal.

You can follow the following ways to solve your problem. Here, we go!

How to soften brown sugar in the microwave?

When you are in a hurry while baking and don’t know how to soften the brown sugar, then you should look for a microwave oven nowadays; it is the necessity of every home. So, don’t fret! Put the hard brown sugar in a microwave-safe bowl, lay a damp paper towel on top, and microwave it for 20 seconds. Still, if you find that the sugar, despite the oven temperature, didn’t become soft, you can give 20 more seconds, don’t hesitate to give it an additional 20 seconds or so in the microwave, separating large parts with a fork afterward.

Soften Brown Sugar without Microwave:

On your weekend, you planned to bake a cake, and when you check your pantry, you find that our brown sugar is so hard, and it’s not easy to fix it by hand. Now, you don’t know how to soften your brown sugar? Just Get a Piece of sandwich bread, a couple of apple cuts or a small bunch of marshmallows as all of these ingredients help to create moist into the sugar. Lay them in a sealed plastic bag or an airtight jar and see the results in a day or two.

How to Keep Brown Sugar Soft?

Well, do you want to know how to avoid the situations I have illustrated above? Then you need to know how to keep your brown sugar soft. The most effective way to keep it soft is to keep it sealed in an airtight container. In this way, you can restrict the amount of air exposure with sugar with the help of the tight lid.
Brown Sugar
If you don’t have an airtight jar or container, then you can also go for the sealed plastic bags, but before closing it, make sure to squeeze out all the air present inside it.

How to soften brown sugar quickly?

Sometimes you want to make more effort on the hardened brown sugar and want to dump it. But wait, you can also know about the method of how to soften brown sugar quickly. Merge the sugar and water in a zip-top pack, press out the air, seal, and zap for 15 seconds in the microwave. A part of the sugar will look totally softened, and that is simply great.

Now, with the help of a big push on that melty spot with your fingers to fire separating the knots, at that point, massage the earthy colored sugar until it’s homogeneous. Hence, you will feel relief from the stress that you felt on discovering that your brown sugar was hard as a rock.


By following the above-mentioned methods you can easily soften the hard brown sugar at your home. You just need simple home appliances to get rid of this problem.

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The brown sugar is one of the finest ingredients on order to make brownies and cookies, if someone wants to have those fudgy cracked top brownies , brown sugar is the secret ingredient.
To soften brown sugar, it should be added with some melted butter so that the brown sugar is melted too .

Several methods to soften your brown sugar

Why brown sugar hardened?

Due to the lose of moisture brown sugar develops into hard structure. Resulting in hard Brown sugar which is of no use and just miserable. To soften the brown sugar there are several methods by which one can resolve their problem with hardened brown sugar.
Brown sugar is used in various ways in the sweet dishes for splendid taste’s.
Here I would discuss some methods to soften your hardened brown sugar.

  1. soften your hardened Brown sugar by microwave

  2. soften your hardened brown sugar by oven at high temperature (degree)

  3. quickest method if you don’t have microwave and oven both.

  4. Soften your Brown sugar by using microwave

By far, the quickest way to soften hardened brown sugar is to use your microwave. Just place the brown sugar in a microwave-safe bowl. After placing either place a damp paper towel on top of the bowl or fill another microwave-safe bowl with water. Place the bowl(s) in the microwave. Heat the bowl at half-power and check for softness for thirty to forty seconds . If necessary, continue heating in 15 second time interval until the brown sugar is immensely soften.microwave method is used mostly and the most effective in less time if you have microwave . By this method your sugar is melted and gain moisture back without doing anything but just to put it in oven.

2)Soften your brown sugar by using oven

Heat the oven to 250° F. Place the hard sugar in an oven-safe bowl and warm it in the oven, checking every couple of minutes and crumbling with a fork until the sugar is soft. Caution: The sugar will be hot.
You might need to use a fork to break up any lumps of brown sugar. Also take care not to overdo it, or you’ll melt the sugar. And you’ll want to use the sugar fairly quickly after letting it cool.

3)Quickest method to soften your Brown sugar

If you have time to spare, putting a slice of bread or some apple slices on top of the sugar, sealing it up, and letting it sit for a day are a couple hands-off ways to soften brown sugar. That’s all fine and good if you have a day or two, but what if you need the sugar right away?

A quicker way to soften brown sugar is to put a moist paper towel in a plastic bag with the sugar and microwave it for 20 seconds. If you are leery about microwaving plastic, you could also put the sugar in a glass or ceramic bowl with a moist paper towel and cover it with a lid or plate.

This method works like a charm, though you may need to microwave really rock-hard sugar for several additional 20-second bursts, and break up any big lumps as you go. Eventually you’ll be left with a soft, pliable pile of ready-to-use sugar. Keep it that way by following some of the storage tips below
4) Soften your Brown sugar by Terra Cotta :
Hardened brown sugar is such a common problem, that some clever people have come up with a very clever solution. You simply soak a piece of terra cotta in water for about 20 minutes, then place it in an air-tight container with the dried out sugar lump. In about a day, the terra cotta revives the sugar and prevents it from lumping up again by maintaining an ideal moisture level

You may have heard that you can use a food processor or a blender to soften hardened brown sugar. Some suggest using a box grater. Or just going crazy beating it into submission until it’s no longer a hard lump. Doing this only breaks the sugar into smaller pieces, and doesn’t add back the moisture that’s been lost.

So while you may get that brown sugar brick broken down, you’ve not actually fixed the underlying issue. These are the tips which just makes your sugar miserable and broken

The brown sugar is one of the finest ingredients on order to make brownies and cookies, if someone wants to have those fudgy cracked top brownies , brown sugar is the secret ingredient.
To soften brown sugar, it should be added with some melted butter so that the brown sugar is melted too.
There are some scientific ways too which can help the brown sugar to soften up.

• The apple method : Placing the brown sugar in a plastic bag with a full apple or a apple slice and leave it overnight.The moisture that apple produces will soften the brown sugar in no time.But it has to made sure that it it is done overnight.

•The bread method : Just like a apple slice can soften the brown sugar, a piece of bread also produces moisture and can soften the brown sugar.The hardened brown sugar is absolutely ready to use once it’s kept with a piece of bread overnight.

•Moist paper hack : Keeping brown sugar on a moist paper will soften the brown sugar.

All of the hacks or the ideas mentioned above can easily soften the hard brown sugar.The brown sugar is read to use after it’s softened by an idea that’s written above.All these ideas and hacks are tested and proved.