How To Sharpen Your Teeth

How To Sharpen Your Teeth

How do I sharpen my teeth? 3

Well ... I'm a big vampire ... and I really want to sharpen my teeth. I can't go to the dentist to do this, I'm 16! (Almost) Really, can I do this on my own?


By the way, I'm a girl, not a boy ... The first two answers treat me like a boy and I mean wrong ... I'm 16 and I can't pay anyone for it unless Don't be 20 real, nothing cheap!

I was planning to save the file, but ... idk ...

Not all of them have been upgraded, but four have been upgraded (two up, two down)

Then everyone lay down. It is very important that they be washed three times a day with clean and pure water. After cleaning, rub the gums without touching them with lemon paste. Acid is a source of growth. to wear

Pulp is even better for the Navy, but I doubt your age can find it.

Just avoid it, it causes dental complications. Tea

Should be after twelve weeks. It is slow for souls. Lemonade has been popular for over 300 years.

Sharpen your teeth

How To Sharpen Your Teeth

How To Sharpen Your Teeth

I did and it worked well for me ...

I took a very thin nail file and carefully grinded my teeth (very slowly, obviously, don't back down) and washed his mouth with water. Your teeth may look a little sticky at first, but they will disappear after a few days. Do not cut your teeth too deeply or you may damage them or even damage your nerves. I do this little by little every few weeks so that I can recharge and work to get the shape I want without damaging my teeth too much.

I would not recommend grinding the back of the tooth (not the maximum atlas) as this can cause the tooth to become thin and brittle or even crack.

For example, it helps a lot. :)

I am one and I think your question is real. I suggest you wait until you are punished and stay away from me for the rest of your life or do something like that. I think you're going through the vampire stage or you really are. It's hard to say why you're still growing. It is best to go to the dentist and ask if they can do the procedure. Next, consider the risk of completely damaging your teeth. I will do this and tell you when my teeth come out.

Don't grind your teeth !! And don't put lemons on it ... it's the worst idea I've ever heard ... lemons will eat toothpaste and damage your teeth, they will look bad ... online Go and find the vampire teeth When you want to look frustrated like a vampire, you can temporarily cement until you are old enough to wear clothes. Yellow, when you get old enough, you will come out of this stage and feel that you are not and will look like an 80 year old grandfather with vampire teeth.

I urge you to stop. : |

Don't do that, go to SPS and get a file and a metal file, you will quickly come in contact with nerves and flesh and understand that this is really the right definition.

How To Sharpen Your Teeth