How To Sell World Of Warcraft Account

How To Sell World Of Warcraft Account

Can I be sued for repossession of a sold World of Warcraft account? 3

I sold my World of Warcraft account on one of these sites. I got $ 172. They sold it for 500. A few months later, I contacted Blizzard to withdraw my account, and it's been 2 months. Today I received a message that this site has sued me. $ 500 and keep my account or $ 172 and they owe my account.

To answer your question, if the contract says just that, you can go the maximum, even if it is said, is $ 172, because it will be a rip.

I could not find any specific case which I am sorry for, but I found someone in a similar situation. If you refer to the terms of the Blizzard Agreement, which states:

E. Blizzard Entertainment does not recognize account transfers, and any official transfers of World of Warcraft software (as indicated on the website) may result in permanent deletion of the account associated with the software. Will You may not offer an account for sale or exchange, and such an offer is in violation of this Agreement and may result in the suspension or termination of your account.

And, well, you're ready to delete the account, so that's enough to stop tracking. This store is likely to close at this time because it will be a blizzard and will eventually close the store to use your Wow account.

I think it helps.

Just because you have been deceived does not mean that you have the right to steal again.

When he sold it, he agreed to receive 172 BS. If you do not like it, you can ask for more, but it does not taste good. Just because a company can sell you to someone else for ,000 500,000 doesn't mean you deserve it.

The company may ask you to pay 500k as it represents a value to the company. Someone is willing to pay 500BB for a company that is 500BB.

As far as the EULA is concerned, take it with the blizzard. In the best case scenario, the account will be blocked and you will be asked to return 172 to the company as if the exchange was not successful. In the worst case, Blizzard will suspend the account and you will have to pay the company.

How To Sell World Of Warcraft Account