How to Sell More Cars at a Dealership

Millions of cars get sold each year but it is difficult to get quick sales. If the dealership has fine vehicles along with an effective approach, the probability of selling more cars increases. But there are other factors which matter as well. This article will cover all the important tricks which will aid with car selling in UAE.

1. Employ the BANT approach

In the world of sales, BANT is a certified sales pitch. This abbreviation stands for budget, authority, need and timeline. As a salesman, you should ask for the budget of the potential buyer and then proceed to showing them cars which fall in their price range.

Remember to only show and not oversell. You should judge if the person possesses the authority to form a decision of buying. Learn about the needs of the person. For example, if he needs a family car then do not take him to the area of compact cars.

As for the timeline, calculate the time which is required to deliver the vehicle to the customer. The ideal case scenario would be to have the desired car already at the dealership. But in case if it isn’t available, bring the vehicle in as soon as possible.

2. Learn about the vehicles

No matter how excellent you are at communication and persuading the potential customers, it will be useless if you lack the knowledge of the cars. This is because every customer asks questions regarding the cars and is expecting to have maximum information regarding it.

If you fail to satisfy their questions, they will make no deal with you. The easiest way to build a strong confidence with the potential customers is to have detailed and in-depth knowledge regarding all cars which are present at the dealership.

Moreover, you can easily recommend a vehicle to them when they need a suggestion. In case you have experience with driving any one of the vehicles, use this to your advantage and tell them how great the particular car is.

Also never make random facts about a car on your own and be honest if you do not know something. Customers will appreciate the honesty above everything.

3. Know what others are selling

Apart from having a crystal clear knowledge of what you are selling, you should also know what kind of vehicles are present at other dealerships. It is obvious that a customer has already visited a few or at least one dealership before coming to you.

So when they tell you about the cars they have seen, you can show them something new or even similar according to what they want. Also remember not to talk bad about the other dealerships because it will only cast a bad impression on the customers.

Only inform them about the positive aspects of your place. Let your cars speak for themselves.

4. Host an event

Hosting a public event is the best way to let everyone know about your dealership. It does not matter how good of a salesman you are if there is no one at the place. For hosting an event, buy a lot of good food, invite people to have a bite at your place and then tell them about your dealership. Other options available are available too. For example, a charity event where you can invite people and offer a free car wash. The local charity will benefit from the hosting of a car wash. A limited time offer at a car can be an effective sales-focused event. Whatever event you pick, visitors will surely remember your dealership and can buy from you in a future.

5. Follow up on the potential customers

After having a conversation with a potential buyer, note down the important points which you both talked about. Also write the probability of the chances of them buying. Call them the next day to ask if they are interested in purchasing. Do not repeat the same things which you have discussed beforehand. Instead persuade them why a particular car is the perfect choice for them. When you have ended the first conversation with a potential buyer, inquire about the time of the day when they are free along with the contact number. This will create a professional impression.

The above-mentioned tips will let you sell any car in Dubai with ease.

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