How To Secure Your WordPress Site In 2021

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms which is currently powering 30% websites across the globe. A wordpress site is just like an asset which you need to protect from hackers and malware practitioners lurking around in order to steal or damage your site.

According to the statistics over 90,000 websites are attacked by hackers every minute. This signifies how important and essential it is to secure your WordPress site.

WordPress is certainly one of the most stable, secure and affordable CMS platforms. The wp experts and dedicated security team are always in search of security vulnerabilities and efficiently work to reduce the security issues and protect your site from malware practitioners.

However, that’s not enough. Most site owners often overlook the fact that they also have to take necessary precautions and actions to protect their site from malwares.

Therefore, being a wp site owner you need to take the full responsibility of your site’s protection and security.

To secure and protect your site from malware and brute force attacks you need to follow some substantial security practices.

To help you in this article we’ll walk you through some necessary security practices that you need to follow in order to keep your site secured from hackers and cyberpunks.

Let’s find out how you can secure your WordPress site.

Choosing a secured and quality hosting provider

Web servers play a significant role in keeping your site safe from hackers. That’s why we always recommend our users to choose a quality and reputable web hosting service provider for thor WordPress site.

Ensure the hosting provider you’re choosing has a robust security plan and offers fast support to users when they need.

Choose a hosting provider who offers multiple layered security. Cheap hosting services may seem tempting especially to those who’re on a budget. However this choice of yours can lead to severe consequences.

We recommend you to choose quality web hosting service to tighten your site’s security and add additional security layers. It will also improve the page loading speed of your site.

Avoid using nulled plugins and themes

Premium WordPress plugins and themes are professional, chic and offer more functionalities. But these premium plugins and themes can be pretty expensive because they’re developed by highly skilled experts and are tested for quality and various other things by WordPress strictly.

You can use premium plugins and themes to make your site more functional and visually appealing. However, the cracked version of these paid plugins and themes are easily available in the market known as nulled themes and nulled plugins.

Nulled plugins and themes are cracked versions of premium plugins and themes that are obtained through illegal means. These can be very dangerous for your site as they usually contain malicious code which are often injected by malware practitioners.

These nulled plugins and themes can literally destroy your site so never use them on your WordPres site.

Use strong login credentials

Login credentials like passwords are a significant part when it comes to security of a website. Site owners often overlook this factor. They use plain and simple passwords that can be easily guessed.

If you’re one of them who is currently using a simple or plain password, we recommend you to change it immediately. Never use passwords like abc123, qwerty, or password. We get passwords like these can be pretty easily but they can be cracked within a couple of minutes.

Use complex passwords. You can use a password generator to generate a complex password. Make sure to save your website somewhere safe so in case if you forget it, you can retrieve it easily.

Some popular passcode generators are,

  • 1Password
  • DashLane
  • LastPass

Installing security plugin on your WordPress site

Checking your website security regularly for malwares is a time-consuming task. When you have a lot on your plate, it becomes challenging to keep with everything. Also to detect malwares you need to have knowledge of coding because malwares are written in the form of codes.

Not everyone is a coding expert so WordPress introduced security plugins to help non-coders. These plugins offer file integrity monitoring, blacklist monitoring, security activity auditing, effective security hardening, security notifications, post-hack security actions, and website firewall.

Some popular WordPress security plugins are,

  • iThemes Security Pro
  • Sucuri
  • Jetpack Security
  • Wordfence
  • BulletProof Security

Schedule regular security scans

At times you might come across some changes in your sites that you never made, they can be in the form of changes in design, drop in traffic or performance issues.

If you find anything suspicious on your site, we advise you to immediately run a malware scan on your site. The golden rule is to run malware scans every week to avoid any security vulnerability.

These hackers are very smart and work covertly. These talented evil folks are capable of fooling webmasters. You may think everything is fine on your site until something massive and destructive happens.

When websites get contaminated with malicious content, Google blacklists them and takes them down in order to protect their visitors. This not only affects business revenues but brand images too.

That’s why we highly recommend all Wordpress users to run malware scans regularly. For this purpose, there are numerous malware scanning plugins available including,

  • Malware Security
  • iThemes Security
  • Wonderfence Security
  • All in One WP Security & Firewall


Maintaining security of your WordPress site is necessary to protect it from hackers and malware practitioners to avoid catastrophic consequences. We hope this short guide will help you in securing your WordPress site.

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