How To Ruin Someones Car

How To Ruin Someones Car

How can you play with someone's car quickly and easily? 3

I haven't decided yet if it's worth the pain or if it's just a disturbing or uncomfortable issue, maybe during the day or at night. bad smell? Shame on him? I don't want to write a story, but he totally deserves it (more than my previous question). I know it might be childish, but I'd better cut your Johnson. Any idea would be great if it didn't just make me laugh and sob. 10 points for the most creative respondents.

I left a half empty bag of sugar near your car (near the tank lid). ■■■■, you think you're making it sugar and you're wasting a lot of money knowing you didn't do anything.

Another click is to sprinkle some corn on the windshield wiper and the rest is done.

Since most new cars have a lockable tank, I learned a really good little trick:

Take a can (or two!) Of sardines and place them carefully in the ventilation holes of your plate.

If you drive on the first day, ■■■■ will know that your car stinks ... ■■■■ can be a deodorizer of fresh air.

Come the next day (this is especially true if you live in a hot climate!) You'll get in your car and not know what hit you!

Spending a lot of money to get rid of the smell of ■■■■, maybe even get rid of the car! (And the exchange rate won't be that good, will it?)

I call it ... revenge that always comes!

Something that doesn't hurt (but be careful, it can be expensive) is putting some balls in the gas tank. This will happen at least five times in SP because of all its crazy noises, let them know.

Take the deer scent bottle you used and put it in the air intake under the windshield. All heating and air conditioning will be bad for two weeks. There are also bladder solutions.

Remove the wheels and place them on the beam (don't forget the wheels behind the door, but bring the nuts) and connect one to the antenna and one to the exhaust. The sugar in the tank is always messy (remember to clean the dirt to make sure no sugar is visible on the floor so you can still start the car). In the HVAC system sardines will produce 1 cluster of fragrances.

There is no need for permanent damage.

Find small stones in the flower bed near your car. Slide them into the caps covering the tire valve trunks and pull them back into place with a rock to reduce the air pressure relief valve. This will be a very slow leak that will allow air to escape from the tires for several hours. If you make them on time when you wake up, they will be perfectly flat.

You have not destroyed any personal property, so there is no permanent damage.

Put a pipe under the front of the car, it won't make a noise when it stops, but when it wakes up it will drive you crazy until it finds you.

Another thing that works is to take the thread off the bobbin, put a damp sheet of paper on the bobbin and put the thread back on the bobbin, the car will run until the paper is dry, diagnose it. Hard to do even if you are a mechanic. .

How To Ruin Someones Car