How to Repair Electric Rice Heater ?

Most people have an electric rice cooker in their home. In this modern age where everyone is always busy, an electric rice cooker reduces the stress and time involved in meal preparation, especially for those who prefer rice to potatoes or pasta as a side dish. With an electric rice cooker, you do not have to worry about burning or overcooking your rice.

Your rice cooker, like any other electrical appliance, can get damaged at any time, especially as you continue to use it regularly. Some people dispose their electric rice cooker as soon as it develops a fault and replaces it, but with the right component or by getting one of the many local emergency electricians available, you can quickly fix your electric rice cooker and save the money for a new one.

These steps below should help you fix your rice cooker.

Step1- Unplug the power cord

Before you start working on your electric rice cooker or any other electrical appliance, ensure that you unplug the cooker’s power cord from the wall socket or its power source.

Step2- Remove the extra pieces

Take out the extra pieces like the covering dish and keep it in a safe place. Remove the inner bowl and burner plate so you can have easy access to the inner rice cooker parts.

Step 3- Remove the base of the cooker

To remove the base of the cooker, check for the screws and tabs that hold the cooker’s base together and fold or remove them.

Step 4- Test the heating element

The first thing you need to do, after opening up your cooker is to check its heating element to know if it is working. To do this, disconnect the cooker’s heating wire and use a multi metre to test it. Set the multi metre to read in ohms, then touch the heating wire on the terminals. If the multimeter gives a low reading, the heating element is working perfectly but if it gives you no reading or the reading is high, replace the heating element.

Step 5- Test the resistor

If the cooker’s heating element works fine, you will need to test the resistor with the multimeter. Use the same setting for the heating element testing, then touch the probes of the meter on the resistor. If the cooker’s resistor is working correctly, the reading would be 20 ohms.

Step 6 –Check the contacts and clean them

If the switch contacts of the electric cooker are dirty, the rice cooker will not work as it should. Dirty switch contacts prevent the flow of solid current when you switch on the cooker. If the contact areas are burnt, you would need to change them but if they are only dirty, use a clean rag, and electric contact cleaner to remove the dirt.

Step 7- move the contacts

If the switch contacts do not touch when you press the cooker’s switch, use a small screwdriver to move them closer to each other.

Step 8- replace the components

When you have cleaned and replaced the necessary parts, couple the components you removed, make sure you put all the wires in their original position, and ensure the power cord is not pinched. Screw back the base of the cooker, replace the cover and cooking bowl.

Test run the cooker by cooking a batch of rice. Your cooker should be working well at this, but you may want to get one of the professional electricians near me to check it out or buy a new one if it does not. You can contact Electric Works London to get an electrician to check out your electric rice cooker or any other home electrical appliance.