How to Refill Empty Lip Gloss Tube with Customize Mixture & Syringe?

There won’t be any single women who won’t love lip gloss, or keep it with them always as their only best companion, why? Because, it’s a quick solution to boost your look. There’s an old debate that lipstick is suitable for older ladies / married women, and lip gloss is for single teens and young girls. Do you second this approach? Well, it depends on one’s perception or it might be the Asian concept practiced with respect to “cosmetics according to age

However, I believe that THERE IS NO DOUBT LIP GLOSS IS QUICK YET BEST SUBSTITUTE FOR LIPSTICK! There’s a reason for making this statement bold because it’s quite practical if you notice. Suppose you’re commuting, and about to reach your college or office, so we usually take the lipstick out for quick touch up, but lipstick can’t be applied until you don’t have a mirror to check the accuracy

On the other hand, lip gloss takes one quick swipe, you can also check it on your mobile camera you applied right or not. This is the reason people find lip gloss handier, and convenient than lipstick. Because though for a few hours using lipstick needs a good hand

Do You Reuse Empty Lip Gloss Tubes, or Simply Trash It Away?

Here comes a notable point! majority of people trash it away once they take the last drop out of an empty tube or container, hardly few would know the way to reuse it again, depending on what equipment or mixture they own for making DIY lip gloss, and refilling it

.Only expert packaging suppliers don’t need to refill empty lip gloss tube and bottles, anyone can do it if they’re creative enough to do it uniquely. In this post, you’ll learn an amazing and easy way to refill an empty lip gloss tube with a customized mixture using a syringe. I am certain you’ll learn it easily, and will find it useful!

For me, filling custom lip gloss shades in small containers is useless, or not worth it. Though filling an empty lip gloss tube is a challenge it can be done with some tips if implemented as instructed.

Steps to Refill Empty Lip Gloss Tube with Customized Mixture / Shade

Here’s how you fill the empty lip gloss tube

  • Get an empty lip gloss tube of your required shape and size from any cosmetic supplier
  • Cut it from both sides using a pipette, then place the pipette over the tip of the syringe
  • Use a spatula to fill up the mixture into a syringe
  • Now fill the syringe with a custom DIY lip gloss mixture using a spatula
  • Apply a good amount of pressure on the syringe that it pushes the mixture
  • Now take your empty lip gloss tube, fill the mixture using a syringe in it
  • Then slowly squeeze to fill the glass tube

How to Take Out each & Every drop from Empty Lip Gloss Tube?

Following is the way that can help you take out each drop from an empty lip gloss tube;

You’ll need;

  1. Sharp Knife
  2. Hot water boiling mug
  3. Small size container, like a contact lens case


  • Keep the half-empty lip gloss tube in mug of hot water, keep it in an upright standing position. Seal it tightly so the water doesn’t infect the gloss inside. After 10 minutes, the gloss on tube sides will settle down in the bottom

  • Now, remove the gloss from the package. Then pop out the stopper using sharp, this will prevent the liquid from seeping out of the tube. What left? Take out all remaining gloss into your empty bottle, or small size container

  • You’re done! This technique is a best instant solution that can be implemented within your budget

Best Suggestions for Lip Gloss You Must Buy!

Lastly, here some top suggestions for quality lip glosses if you’re looking for best ones

Maybelline New York Lifter Gloss

This lip gloss comes in eight gorgeous shades including Pearl, iridescent clear gloss, Crystal, and a copper shimmer shade. It gives your lips a super-shiny finish that’s easy without being sticky.

Stila Cosmetics Beauty Boss Lip Gloss

This super shiny Lip Gloss has an unbeatable shine. It has a light pink base with golden shimmery flecks that suits both with bare lips or over lipstick. It’s further filled with hydrating hyaluronic acid to give a natural-looking plump to lips.

Patrick Ta Beauty Major Glow Lip Shine

This universal lip gloss looks beautiful on everyone due to its glittery and clear pigment.

This shady lip gloss is best if you just need something to add a little shine (without any additional color) to your lips. It soft gloss also keeps your lips hydrated, full, and well, thus its quite expensive in the market!

Rule of Thumb to Pick Right Lip Gloss!

Choose the Right Color – No more confusion while choosing a right lip gloss, the best suggest near me is, pick a sheer bright or dark gloss color

Get a Gloss That Suit Your Skin Tone – If you get fine lines around your mouth, then you might need a gloss shade that suit your skin tone. This will keep any shading draining that may happen subtler. Attempt the Urban Decay Lip Plumper in Heat for a characteristic, bronzey touch!