How To Put On A Durag

How To Put On A Durag

Steps to install Durag, what to do when you receive it and what to wear?

First, apply curling oil to your hair with water and brush in the direction of the curl pattern.

Then take your dorag, put a row of seams in the middle of the head, tie some part of the tail at the back, and wrap it around the head. Make sure Doraag is strong, straight and wrinkle-free. When removing it, add wavy grease and brush.

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Steps in W to use Dorag and if you buy it and l to use it? What to do?

I have a dog but I don't think I will use it at all, tell me how to use it

And if it's in your mind, you should keep doing it.

And to prepare when you use your head, you have to apply gel or oil, brush or comb ...

Doraag I only wear one bandana ... I tie my hair in a ponytail, tie my hair around my waist and tie the bandana in a triangle with a ponytail on at least half of my head in front of it Tied up ... but then I got on a motorcycle and stopped my hair from moving.

Ordinary Kerr Dorags are like small cotton hats that you wear on your head and have threads on your back ...

How To Put On A Durag

How To Put On A Durag

People use it to straighten hair style ... like waves or curls.

Men wear it for a sleek, wavy look ... just a little poo, water and dorag.

Women use it to style their hair at bedtime, or when they are in the middle of styling, they wear cute scarves like fashionable hairstyles.

A little more in the form of a helmet and then you have to tie a rope around your head.

How To Put On A Durag