How To Practice Kechari Mudra Yoga?

Some mudras are only rendered by yogis in yoga. A regular person is not expected to practice it. Khechari Mudra is a mudra that only the seekers/yogis can do. If the man wishes to do it in the presence of a yoga guru, he should do it. In this post, you will learn about and perform the Khechari Mudra. A common individual may also practice this mudra by following these steps (but we only recommend practicing this pose in the presence of a yoga guru).

The Khechari mudra technique in high-level yoga practices was regarded as the root of divine pleasure. It’s all the tongue and palatal sadhana. A long language is of considerable value in this activity. The human language is long and brief in two forms. Sarpajiva is a long language (Snake Tongue). Since some people have a long vocabulary, they can touch their nose quickly and make Khechari mudra.

But with a limited or small tongue size, the khechari Mudra is hard for them to practice. In this case, the tongue that needs friction and exploitation has to be stretched. The tense tongue should be cut from the bottom.

How Do I Practice Khechari Mudra?

Here are certain steps to practice this yoga that are suggested by Om Swami Ashram. Let’s have a look-:

  • Sit first in a convenient or comfortable Asana.

  • Shut the eyes and concentrate on the Agya Chakra.

  • The seeker can reverse his tongue and touch a palate in this mudra as far as possible (by keeping the mouth shut). The tongue is then positioned naturally. Up to 50 times a day practice this mudra.

  • Many seekers cannot tongue their palate, but there are three ways of raising their tongues such as Tapping, Piercing, and Conducting.

3 Mudra ways to extend the Tongue

1. Piercing

In the bottom of our tongue, there is a nerve, which holds our tongue bound to the jaw. When the tongue is attached, contacting the palate with the tongue becomes difficult. Every day, rock salt should be applied to the nerve. If surgery requires isolation, it can be used.

2. Conducting

The tongue gets longer by gripping the thumb and index finger and pushing and dragging it around.

3. Stretching

Place butter or ghee and spread the tongue with both hands and fingertips. Do all in the presence of a Guru/Yoga Instructor in all these acts.

Khechari Mudra Yoga Benefits

  1. This mudra opens closed salivary glands, avoiding debilitating effects of diseases of the salivary gland.

  2. As khechari mudra triggers hypophysis, it activates the nervous system parasympathetic (PNS). When PNS activation is carried out, the body conserves energy by slowing down the heart rate, low respiratory speeds (5-8 respiration per minute).

  3. Khechari mudra is very useful in the case of hearing deficiency and forgetfulness with bhramari pranayama (dementia).

  4. The inside of the tongue is a sign that prevents our senses from slipping out. Furthermore, it is very hard to speak to ourselves if we have set our tongue in a position (as in this mudra) 3 at last, thoughts are reduced. Khechari mudra is also very effective when it comes to getting meditation into the minds of people.

  5. Daily khechari mudra exercise prevents aging signs. The hypophysis that secretes a growth hormone, known as an anti-aging elixir, is stimulated.

  6. Ujjayi breathing Khechari mudra balances thyroid secretion. Balanced thyroid secretion is very important for improving metabolism, improving body weight, development, and growth.

  7. Khechari mudra has many supernatural powers, such as enlightenment, precognition, and extrasensory vision in the third-eye chakra.

  8. Cleaning also helps to clear up the tongue gag to avoid foul breath when the nectar is secreted (halitosis).

  9. The practice of Khechari Mudra is an important tool for peace of mind. This mudra encloses the air in the lung and avoids intense meditation that does not spread our consciousness.

  10. It makes the tongue tasting an individual element more vulnerable. Thus the supremacy or weakness of panch tattva (5 elements) can be easily solved by mastering this mudra. 5 tastes the five elements: Sweet-: Earth, Sour-: air, Salty-: water, stubborn-: ether, bitter-: flames.

  11. Khechari Mudra is also listed in the scriptures for many physical, emotional, earthly, and moral advantages.

  12. The seeker must make every attempt to reawaken the Kundalini Force and practice the Kechari Mudra.

  13. The tongue is exposed to the movement of Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna Nadi.

  14. Age increases in the exercise of this mudra.

  15. Not much trouble sleeping, laziness, and hunger thirst.

  16. The exercise Khechari mudra provides speech power.

Precautions Against khechari Mudra

  • Do not rush in the procedure mentioned above. The tongue may be damaged or other adversities may arise with just a minor error.