How To Play Guitar? Guitar Chords Chart

Learning to play the guitar is a lot fun. Use this cheat sheet to help you get started with your guitar finger placement and guitar chords. If you need help with finger placement on your guitar, use tablature (tab) and fingerboard diagrams. Practice playing the most common open-position chords on your guitar to get that “jangly” sound, and make sure you know the notes on the neck of your guitar to change starting notes in scales, chords, and arpeggios.

Applying Fingerboard Diagrams and Tablature to a Real Guitar

You don’t need experience reading music to use tablature (tab) and fingerboard diagrams to play your guitar. Check out these diagrams to help with finger placement on your guitar:

Open Position Guitar Chords Chart

Open position guitar chords sound twangy because they include unfretted strings that are permitted to ring open. This chart represents 24 of the most useful open chords you use to play guitar:

Notes on the Guitar Neck

This figure of the nine-fret guitar neck has the notes in letter names for all six strings’ frets up to and including the 9th fret. Use this diagram to help you move any scale, arpeggio, or chord to a different starting note.

Thanks for sharing this informative thread. Basic learning regarding playing the guitar is almost a dream of every music lover. No doubt, it sounds great to start playing the guitar from these Chords images, but I would also like to add a step-by-step guide here.

  • First of all, you have the basic information about the guitar. This basic detail would be its parts’ identification, holding it correctly and knowledge about tuning.

  • In the second step, you would be aware of the chords’ positions. D Major, C Major, G Major, A Major and E Major are the ordinary chords. After knowing about Chords, you should try to practice to get a clean sound from these chords.

  • Indeed, playing chords nicely is not an easy job, and I would suggest beginning to go with the idea of guitar lessons. In this regard, you must read this article about taking guitar lessons, their worth and cost. Probably, online guitar lessons are better for beginners, and after having some fundamental knowledge, you can join any guitar school.

Similarly, you can also visit the YouTube guitar lessons if you want to get initial tutorials and guidelines about playing guitar and chords.