How to Plan Disney Vacation on Low Budget?

There is no better place than visiting Disney World with your family. The thrills, the castles, the fairytales, animated stars, etc., are some of the things that your children will always remember. But it is also true that planning a Disney Family Vacation is expensive. But if you keep a few things in consideration, it becomes easier for you. Hence, you should check out the ten tips here to guide you through planning a Disney vacation.

Top 10 Ways to budget your Disney trip

1. Plan through a Travel Agent

First of all, planning your trip with a travel agent is the most important thing. They are well-aware of the place and based on your budget, and can tell you where you should stay. If you go on your own, the same hotel owner might charge a higher price from you. That’s why; it is better to start the trip with their advice.

2. Plan Ahead

It is always better to plan as extending a single day will increase your expenses. Ensure that you have a full-proof plan so that you are not confused once you step down there. When you have already decided to visit, it is better not to waste much time booking the tickets.

3. Do Not Visit During Peak Times

Festive days and holidays are those times of the year when the place is highly crowded. The times that you should avoid visiting if you wish to save some dollars are Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Spring Break, etc. During this phase, the prices are high, and some people may not afford it. That’s why; it is better to visit between mid-January to Match and from August to September.

4. Take Advantage of Free Activities

Many free activities are there, and you should take advantage of them. While walking around the property, you can see giraffe, zebra, flamingos, and gazelle. You can also enjoy a campfire and sing-alongs, a free boat ride, etc. In Fort Wilderness, you can watch movies, and no reservation is required for that.

5. Make Most of Your Trip

Even after the sun sets, the parks do not close, and neither should you. The extended park hours, IllumiNations light show at Epcot, fireworks at Magic Kingdom, etc., are available for free. Many places are there to visit, and the details of which are available with a travel agent. Hence, spend some extra time there to not feel bad after returning from the trip.

6. Purchase Disney Gift Cards

You can get Disney gift cards at a reasonable price, so you should purchase them. Thus, you can use them while booking parking tickets, food, Disney hotels, etc. Even though the offers are not a considerable amount, but you can save some dollars.

7. Bring Your Food

Do you know that you can bring your food? It means you have a chance to save a few dollars as you do not have to spend on the food available inside. They are comparatively a bit expensive. You can pack a picnic lunch for your kids, like sandwiches, fruits, cookies, water bottles, etc. Moreover, there is a locker room available to keep all your belongings, eliminating the need to carry them with you.

8. Arrive At the Right Time

When you visit the place at the right time, you can book your tickets and enjoy the rides. However, if you get delayed, you will need to spend hours waiting in line for your turn to arrive. In a way, a lot of time gets wasted, and you get tired of staying in the queue. Instead of that, arrive a few minutes before the gate opens to make the most of your time.

9. Take Your Sunscreen

It is a place of sun and heat, so do not forget to take your sunscreen. Of course, you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest, but no one wishes to get sunburn. Also, you will get sunscreens inside the gate, but it’s costly. That’s why; ensure that you have one with you.

10. Buy Mickey Ears Ahead

Once you see Mickey’s ears, you cannot stop yourself from purchasing them. But inside the Disney land, it is a bit costly, which is why you should buy before. In that way, you do not need to buy again. If you are not interested in buying it, ensure that you give your kids.

Ending Note

When you are preparing for a vacation, considering the above things can save quite a few dollars. With that, you can make the most expensive vacation into an affordable one. Speak with a travel agent as no one can deny the facilities people can enjoy when planning a vacation. Planning and taking advantage of free things can save some dollars. Do not give up on your Disney dream, as visiting the place will turn out to be the best vacation for you and your family.