How To Paint A Ps2 Controller

How To Paint A Ps2 Controller

Any idea for painting PS2 controller? ۔

Okay, I'm going to paint my PS3 controller, but I want to test it on the PS2 controller. My brother wanted me to be the color of Oriole. I thought it would be great if someone could give me some advice on how to paint. My original plan was to make the entire controller orange, but I'm not sure I know now.

1) Use non-toxic non-matte paint.

2) If you find a set of orange stickers and cut them to get the same pattern, it may take longer because the color will always fade over time. Therefore, the controller is not even painted.

3) Disassemble the controller until you find it very strange to reassemble it and ... be careful and note the motor sliding on the control arm as it fits in the bracket before removing it. You have to pull it out to separate the two parts. Then set aside the inner plate and all the pieces. When you put your clothes back, be careful not to put them back! And what looks like a cross is under the D-pad. Then apply paint or adhesive to the shell so that nothing is stained on the inside ... I don't think it is necessary to remove the adhesive if it is used.

Oriole is orange and, because of the controller, just make it orange and orange. So I thought an orange sticker and scissors would do. Or orange. But no lead or toxic paint will contaminate your hands.

hmmmmmmmm OK, if you want this color controller to go to the store, maybe they have what you are looking for.

Um, of course, yes, Carl has painted, so you don't have to go through that because you are the editor.

How To Paint A Ps2 Controller