How To Open Translucent Powder

How To Open Translucent Powder

Have you opened a new loose powder container? 3

This is the first time I buy loose powder and I can't open it. I bought inverted paddy rice powder. I looked at the files above but they are all closed. How to open it or something dusty? The best answer is five stars because I need to know !!!

Hey, I've tried so many different types of loose powder that I'm not sure if I remember Pdio correctly. Most of them (powder powder) bloom in two ways, so let me tell you both.

A screen containing files. They are usually made of plastic and can be removed from the dust cover. Do this carefully so that dust does not spread everywhere. Or do it on a new sheet of paper, tissue paper in which you wrap things is fine, but plain cloth is fine too. That way you can easily clean up.

Now there may be marks covering the dust, e.g. For example, there may be a piece of tissue paper or a marker that causes the file to stick to the screen. They are often plastic stickers. All you need to do is get rid of them. If the fabric does not come out, just cut it with a nail clipper. If it's plastic, remove it. Slowly reset the screen and you're ready to go.

Since you are a first time buyer, I would like to give you some suggestions. Try to save it and save it. Dust enters the file and can completely damage the screen, sponge or lid. It really happened, so I tried to avoid it.


There may be a small piece of plastic covering the flap file, such as a sticker. Just look for the tab, otherwise be as careful as a nail file to get under the label.

Some people make small gaps in the cover of the paper or create a new file.

How To Open Translucent Powder