How To Open Paper Towel Dispenser

How To Open Paper Towel Dispenser

How do you open a Vondrehle paper towel dispenser?


  1. Open the paper towel with the Phillips screwdriver and turn it counterclockwise.
  2. Some paper towel dispensers require a key to unlock them. The latch is usually located on the top of the paper towel dispenser.

How do you open a San Jamar paper towel dispenser?

The dispenser is loaded in two stages and the basic concepts for opening the dispenser, inserting the paper and closing the dispenser apply to all models. Folded towel dispenser

  1. Insert the key into the top of the dispenser and slide it down. The lid opens.
  2. Add a stack of towels.
  3. Close the lid.

How do paper dispensers work?

A paper dispenser is a device that dispenses paper towels to public restrooms. Some are operated with a handle, some by pulling the paper out of the dispenser and others by automatic dispensing in response to a motion sensor.

How do you open such a toilet paper dispenser?

Follow these simple steps to open a sealed, resealable toilet paper dispenser:

  1. Get the key.
  2. Unlock the distributor.
  3. Remove the roll / core.
  4. Put a new roll in the dispenser.
  5. Close the dispenser.
  6. Return the key to the storage hook.

How To Open Paper Towel Dispenser