How To Measure Overbite At Home

How To Measure Overbite At Home

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How do I measure my overtime? Don't ignore. I measured without going to the dentist. And without going to the dentist, I know if my overdose is enough to do that. Since everyone has an overdose, they would not be able to chew and even if they did not have a salt over, they would look hairy, so I measured my overtime and saw if I had a dentist or orthodontist. It is needed without knowing. ?


Overture is a measure of the vertical overlap of the upper and lower posterior teeth.

Take a ruler or rod to measure in mm and place the tip against the lower teeth. Make sure it doesn't hang on your back. Do this and tell someone where your upper teeth are, or look in the mirror and read the numbers. I looked at the page for a better explanation, but I never found it! Sorry, but I can see that you understand what I mean.

It's hard to explain, the dentist usually says what it is ...

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How To Measure Overbite At Home