How to Manage Your Book Shelves on Goodreads?

Goodreads is literally all about just that- good reads. So what would Goodreads be like without books or book shelves? Learn how to manage your books and book shelves by adding, removing, and renaming shelves and adding and removing your books. You will have some default book shelves that cannot be deleted- “all”, “read”, to-read", “currently reading”, and “owned books”.
How to Manage Your Book Shelves on Goodreads

Steps to manage your book shelves on goodreads

Log in or create an account to continue.

Go to “My Books”.

Add a Bookshelf to Goodreads once a new custom bookshelf is needed.

Remove a Bookshelf once a custom bookshelf isn’t needed anymore.

Rename a Bookshelf once the bookshelf isn’t named correctly.

Add or Delete books from your shelves.



1.How do I move books in a batch from one shelf to another in Goodreads?
Ans: To add or remove books from a shelf in batches, use the “batch edit” on the top of your My Books page. The batch edit tool lets you select as many books as you like to move them from one shelf or another, or even to remove them from your profile.

2.How can I remove a book from the “Want to read” shelf?
Ans:If you’re using the app, hit the edit shelf button (which will at this point say "Want to read’) and hit the “Remove from shelves” button on the bottom of the screen.

3.How do you shelve adult fiction books?
Ans:It depends on the library and what system they use to organize their books. Most libraries have their books in alphabetical order according to either the book’s title or author in a certain category.

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