How To Make Yourself Burp

How To Make Yourself Burp

Am I burying?

Drink plenty of soda

I was hiding heavily at the same time. It's one thing. Try to take a deep breath, and force yourself to hold it down your throat. Or just drink a neutral, alkaline, acid-free broth.

Burp, if you feel where your collarbone is (you may need to hold your breath), feel like you are pushing the trapped air into your mouth and burp !! I have buried him. I can say yes and then blow from there. And, well, I don't like it, so I don't know what to do at the right time!

How To Make Yourself Burp

How To Make Yourself Burp

All I do is drink water, but there is wind to fill your stomach, so keep doing it and you will be able to bury a lot.

Well, Papa Johns and Pepsi, they always make me look like crazy. But I bet you don't want to ask Daddy Johns and Pepsi whenever you have to bury: /

Try this youtube link, from the comments of people who think your videos work, this is the Belg Pro truck that gets a little overwhelmed at the command,

Help for example! :)

When you drink and try to drink bubbles, the gas gets stronger, and stares at you.

Wind and power back?

Drinking soda and jumping everywhere?

Take some TUMS, it will help in indigestion. Then rinse with club soda.

Wind ... very windy. If that doesn't help, drink a quarter of the water and consciously breathe the air into the gills.

Drink water or take medicine, it will save you from indigestion.

How To Make Yourself Burp