How to make spegaties in different ways

Every one loves spegaties, it reminds us with the feeling of special meal. Mostly in different places it is a festive dish and in most of countries it includes in party and wedding dishes as appetizers and salads.What is the use of device Okowatt?

Spegaties are thin thread like strings that are boiled in water for some time to cook and expand. After that you can add flavour of your choice because it’s very unique and fusion able dish. Most interesting fact is that it’s eaten instantly hot and after some time. In both ways it
would give you mouth-watering flavours.

Instant spegaties vs home made

Many time saving spegaties are available that can be cooked instantly. Thay are in different forms including all form we call it pasta.

Pasta are in different shapes like macronies, slanty form, chaowmen, noodles, pasta sheets so here we will discussed about spegaties only. While home made spegaties are fresh and less cooking time required.

Home made spegaties

For making home made spegaties you have to knead your dough and dough require

1:all purpose flour
3: warm water

Mix well all things in bowl and finally knead them until the dough became soft but flexible then with hands or with machine avail the spegity strings.Italian love to shape it with hand and so much expert doing this but with machine the task would done in seconds.

Different style spegaties

Spegaties racipe varies in different countries and cultures like Chinese don’t eat so much spices and in Asia and Europe tomatoe ketchup is an essential element.

Meat ball spegaties

Meat ball spegaties is very famous in Europe and it’s preparation is quite easy.for making this delicious recipe you need these things

2:peprika powder
3: mustard paste
4:2 clove garlic
5:salt to taste
6:soya sauce


Mix all ingredients in mince and shape like ball then fry it in olive oil.then boil spegity and add the meat ball in it.drizzle ketchup and enjoy the yummy taste.

Chicken chunks spegaties

This is all time favorite form and very easy to made.for it’s preparation you just have to take certain things like

1: chicken small pieces
2:spices(salt, paper, garlic powder, chicken powder)
3:soya sauce and hot sauce
4 :hp sauce to drizzle


Marinate chicken with spices and add soya sauce and keep this in refrigerator for 30 min then fry it in oil and in last add boil spegaties.drizzle hp sauce and enjoy.

Vage lover spegaties

This spegity is vegetable lovers and diet concious because it add nominal olive oil or boiled spegaties and vegetables so in diet you can satisfy your hunger with it.
For it’s making you need…

1:half cup capsicum
2:half cup boil carrot
3:half cup boil peas
4:salt paper
5: lemon juice


In one tablespoon olive oil fry vegetables and add lemon juice and spices and add boil spegity.enjoy your low calories vitamin rich diet.

Sausage spegaties

It’s very delicious to eat for kids who like sausage and preparing it takes only 10 minutes.for this you need

1:3 sausage sliced
2: garlic cloves
3: spices
4: lemon juice

Cook the sausage slice in olive oil and add spices and lemon juice mix spegaties that you boiled earlier and drizzle green chilli sauce.

**Grilled chicken spegaties or tikka spegity **

For preparing grilled chicken first you have to take 2 chicken breast marinade it with spices and mustard paste then grill it on grill pan.Then shred it and add boil spegaties.

Spegaties with white sauce

This is yummy and healthy recipe and include 3 first step you will make white sauce in second step you will add chunks of fish and in third step you will assemble all .

Step 1(making of white sauce)

For making white sauce you have to take things listed below…

1:1 tbs butter
2:2 tbs white flour
3:milk one cup
4: cream cheese

For making white sauce in a sauce pan add Butter and melt it then add flour and continuously stir it until the white flour cooked.then gradually add milk and stir it again until it becomes thick then strain the mixture to avoid lum’s.

In second step slice the fish and fry it and add chopped vegetables in it .

In last mix spegaties white sauce and chunks together and dish it out and garnish it with green coriander.

Tomato spegity

For this blend 4 tomatoes and add favourite spices in it and then cook it on low flame then add one cup cream and add boil spegaties.

Spicy Spegaties with red beans

For preparing this first of all boil the red beans and add spices like salt ,oregano , paper, thyme and add boiled Spegaties.

BBQ speghetties

For making bbq spegaties add bbq sauce and add smoky flavour of your choice in your favourite kind.

Nutritious value of spegity

Spegaties are carbohydrate rich diet along with eggs that are complete diet it’s nutritious value become more.when we cook it with meat and chicken proteins also added in this and along with vegetables you can add vitamins.


We have made a detailed discussion on Spegaties it’s various kinds and recipes .twist that can be added in it and nutritious value that are found in we conclude by saying dishes like spegaties satisfy our hunger and work like appetizers.