How To Make Someone Think You Blocked Them

How To Make Someone Think You Blocked Them

Is it good news for anyone to think that I have blocked their number? 3

I'm trying to get someone to leave me alone and I hear it works.

I've blocked people and I understand when I try to send a text message on a blocked phone.

The number you want to call does not exist.

Error: Sorry, the offer for the account you are trying to access has blocked you. You can no longer send text / SMS messages to this phone number. All messages sent to this number will be automatically deleted from your account. Call 1800 (random number) for more information or visit for details.

Error code 020194

Error 9885: The user you want to call (your number): has blocked your number, cannot receive your call or SMS at this time.

Sorry, this person has blocked your phone number. This person will not receive your calls or text messages.

(Your name here) prevents you from contacting him.

Error: Unable to send message. Reason: This person has blocked you.

Error: Message not delivered. You may be having trouble with the signal or the person is blocking it.

Ok i ask you for help

He loves you hahaha stop ignoring

How To Make Someone Think You Blocked Them