How To Make Scar Wax

How To Make Scar Wax

How are scars massively repaired?

A small liquid called alcohol. If you can't already, it's available. Dough is where you can probably get it. The scent of pine

When applied to the skin, apply wax, coat with gum, wait for it to dry, then apply makeup.

Don't forget the chewing gum remover. If so, be prepared for some mistakes when removing the device.

For close marks (approximately 5 visual ranges), liquid latex (unknown) is not the same as for fake marks. Just take a QTip, dip it in latex and draw a scar on your face. Let dry Latex is used on the skin as it dries and leaves scars that look realistic. Paint with a little shyness for extra realism.

And never forget the dust.

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Scar wax should be strong and non-sticky. You have to swing The more oil mixed with the sealant, the less oil remains. Apply makeup. Wash your hands to remove excess oil. If that still doesn't work, you can try liquid latex, but it's probably over. Ok i

How To Make Scar Wax