How To Make Paper Look Old

How To Make Paper Look Old

How can you make writing paper old?

Burn the shore and keep the fire (on the bay)

To show the old smoke.

Bathe them with coffee too!

Do it on your original paper, try it on another stationery, dip the tea bag in water, you can brush the tea on the paper in SS or rub the tea on the paper, try to chase it from behind You can also try coffee. And build some SS with enough grounded SS. You can dry the paper in the oven on low heat and add more layers until you get the required amount of yolk.

Here's a great idea for me: go to YouTube and watch a video to do just that.

1) Roll the paper into a ball.

2) Smooth

3) Repeat until the paper is smooth.

4) Match the graphite pencil with your finger on the paper. (If the graphite is not colored enough, draw a line on the paper with a pencil and rub.

5) If you want, you can take a match and burn heads and heads.

Help for example! I did it last year and it looks great.

Wait for it to dry and rub with a damp tea bag, then burn the sides with a lighter.

You take a tea bag and put it in water, then you paint it with the tea bag that is there :)

How To Make Paper Look Old