How To Make Neon Paint

How To Make Neon Paint

Did you mix colors to make it neon? 3

I tried to add and it just disappeared. I want it to be really prominent, but I don't have neon colors. Help!

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First, understand that each color has three characteristics:

1. Hue: Hue is the original color. As for the color pink, pink is red. You can only change the shade by mixing it with another color. How to add yellow to blue and change color to green.

Second value: light and dark. The bright red value is clear. By adding e, you reduce its value.

3. Intensity: This is the glow that catches the eye.

The bright red light was brilliant.

You can reduce the intensity by simply mixing one color with another. Complementary colors (Opponents on color wheels such as red / green and yellow / purple and blue / orange work best).

But unfortunately you can't mix and match the normal color intensity of neon quality. You have to go out and buy some neon colors.

WEVER: Since you said you don't have neon colors, but want the colors you already have, you can do two things.

1.) Draw a thick line around the area you want to illuminate (such as roulette painting or stained glass).


2.) Soften all other colors with accessories by reducing their intensity.

You will notice that when the colors are blurred or surrounded by darker colors, they look lighter. This is known as hepatic illusion.

Bon Lsd painting.

I think it helps.

Neon acrylic paint

How To Make Neon Paint