How To Make My Car Sound Louder?

Making a car sound louder is ‘easy’, but not cheap: the exhaust system is responsible for the noise, and changing it can make your car sound sportier. The alternative is to use an audio synthesizer, as some manufacturers do.

It’s no secret: cars are increasingly ‘covered’ by regulations against polluting emissions. Engines with fewer cylinders and less displacement, supported by turbocharging, produce less sound than those of a few years ago. And there are many drivers who wonder how to make a car sound more , or how to make it sound sportier. Which, in a way, amounts to the same thing. Or almost.

There are a few tricks , so to speak, that can make the car sound louder . And we say ‘trick’ because it is not a real sound; This is the case of synthesizers , which are usually used by the manufacturers themselves in diesel cars or in low-cylinder models. But if we really want to make our car sound sportier, the solution is in the exhaust system.

##How to make your car sound sportier: the secret is in the exhaust

In the aftermarket market , or even in some cases through the manufacturer itself, we can find modifications for the exhaust that, in all cases, either to a greater or lesser extent, modify the sound . And that will always make our car sound more, and generally sound more sporty.

Exhaust system muffler

It is the simplest option and also the most economical way to modify the exhaust of our vehicle with the intention of achieving more performance and making the car sound more. But it has its limitations, and it will always give us lower increments than a full exhaust line. Although it is a simpler and cheaper change, it must be taken into account that the silencer is approved , if we do not want to have problems with the ITV in the future.

Complete exhaust line

By changing the entire exhaust line , including obviously the best muffler for v8, you are not only looking for a greater sound but also an increase in power . In some vehicles it can be up to 10 or 15 hp , and this is achieved with a set that includes the downpipe, manifolds and other components as well as, solely for aesthetic reasons, the exhaust tails.

Why does an exhaust make a car sound louder and increase its power?

We could consider that in the exhaust system there are four main components which are the exhaust valve, the catalyst, the catalytic converter and the muffler. The PCV valve is in charge of the transit of oil and hydrocarbon vapors towards the collector; reduces pollutant output and engine pressure. It improves fuel efficiency, while the manifold collects the gases coming out of the cylinders and ‘drives’ them for expulsion.

It is here in the manifold where the EGR valve can be. It is also responsible for controlling the levels of force and pressure in the expulsion of gases. The catalytic converter, for its part, reduces the elements of pollution in the expulsion of gases by catalysis. And the last part, in which the muffler and the tail - or the tails - are located, acts as an acoustic insulator.


Therefore, only to change the muffler and tails exhaust we would be directly affected by noise and thus, getting the car sound more and more sports you do. But playing the rest of the components, both by shapes and by additional components - or simpler schemes - can affect this sound and, in addition, the performance.

But you have to be careful with the homologation. If the exhaust system is not approved, then we will have problems with the ITV due to noise or polluting emissions. This is why in many cases, in addition to being easier and cheaper, it is more convenient to modify only the muffler and the tailpipes.