How To Make Foundation Look Smooth

How To Make Foundation Look Smooth

How to smooth the foundation on the skin? 3

w Soften the base ... When I put the base it shows that I have a base ... I want it smooth and without any defects, what should I do? ........ The video would be great ... Thanks


I use my foundation.

My skin is oily.

For the foundation to work properly, your face needs to be treated properly. Apply S and moisturizer with fresh clean and dry face. Moisturizer helps to smooth the face so that the foundation does not stick to fine lines or dry areas and it looks more. Even if your skin is oily, consider applying an oily skin moisturizer to prepare and smooth your face.

You can use many tools to apply foundation, such as sponge or brush. Using your finger is also acceptable. The methods you apply to your foundation are more important than the tools you use. Apply a light foundation for smooth, natural coverage. Apply foundation on head, nose and cheeks, then gently spread on skin surface downwards. Applying the foundation on top can tangle your fine facial hair, making it look uneven.

The foundation should shape your skin evenly and not cover all the dirt. If you still see blemishes, apply concealer, it will help to cover more small areas. Apply the concealer only on the spots and mix gently in the same downward motion. Do not use multiple layers of base coat to cover imperfections, otherwise it will look heavy and unnatural. To make sure the foundation stays in place and does not bleed, apply a small amount of loose powder to the skin.

How To Make Foundation Look Smooth