How to make extra money

How to made extra money? Who don’t want to make extra money ???.actually every economic activity takes place because people need money. And surely we are not living in barter system so everyone needs money for goods and services.

By making money we mean

Those methods that involves holding money using all the available choices that one can use to increase his money level.making money is simple process yet involve use of proper time and decision making.

Money is necessity money is goal

surprisingly if we keenly observe the functions of money it works two ways.first it’s a mode of exchanging plus it’s a goal where everyone wants to reach.all the respect, luxuries, power and authority is relevant to money.

What does we meant by extra money

By extra money we are talking about is your earning stream that you want to get continuously in order to maintain your life style or some more goals to attain.

Extra money resources

Extra money resources are both negative and positive surely we are here concerned with positive money. Which is result of people activities . People gain goods and services against money . So here are two ways, either one can sale his good or service. By services you can give your services to people who need this. For instance if any one needs home tutor and you are giving teaching services. You are selling your services.

Some sources of extra money

Here are some sources of it which will be explained.

Small scale foodie relevant business

Food is a need food is who understand this can understand the Philosophy can easily engage yourself with foodies.munchy items or modern hawking like selling in viechle.

Book binding stationary making

This method involves less investment and great output moreover stationary demand is less elastic because of its need in offices and binding also involves minimum equipments.

Real estate business

Real estate business involves an office which can be made temporarily.all that is necessary is your links with people your services quality and your immediate action towards the the need of your customers here you can use online advertisement for your purpose.

Online working

Online working have become very popular since everything is now available on internet .many sites either they are relevant to land or relevant to shopping you can choose your online work according to your abilities and according to your interest. Online working gives you more choices and a big market place where you can adjust yourself according to your needs. Some people have made online working their profession and not only they are making money. But also getting specialized knowledge.


The persons who are engaged with speculation have a keen eye on the rate of interest. They keenly Observe the speculation in the rate of interest. They keep liquid money so if the rate of interest goes hight.they keep money in the banks and take advantage of high rate of interest. Whenever the rate of interest goes down they withdrew their money and use this in market speculation.for example they buy prize bonds etc.

Working as a middleman

If you have guts that you can combine two parties with same interest you can make money e for example if a person in search of raw material of any kind and you knew a person who solds raw material. You can combine two parties and make your commission through this process.

Restoration of items

If you have guts to use the thing that are odd in current time you can make them new with the new angle by the restoration. For instance you can buy old items from the market and give them a new look which is modernize, and you will increase their value and people will love to have antiques in their house. As wooden items stone items.

Intercity delivery services

If you have strong management skills you can easily produce company that delivers the things in the city. It will decrease the cost of your delivery. You can earn the trust of people once you show punctuality in your business keeping in view the time management.

Take advantage of price difference in different markets

All of us know very well that some things are at low price in one market and the same product at high price. The locality also determines the price level for example HiFi areas of city have higher price level as compared to you normally distributed market so you can make your money by supply goods from cheap market to high

Elasticity of demand also determines your profit level

Things that we use daily or we cannot quit them all necessities of life.we will buy them even if they are at high price for example milk bread eggs oil . These things have a lower elasticity of demand therefore if you engage yourself with such business your expected revenue level will be high.


After the discussion we can say that a lot of choices are available for a person who is determined and hard worker can use the market environment in a positive way. Extra money should be legal without any twist for illegal activity. Market benefits those who stay longer.
Keep working always.[Preformatted text](

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How To Make Extra Money

Ms. Manum you just explained it so well that how to make extra money and you describe various positive ways of earning extra income, money is needed for every person whether a person is settled or struggling, everyone needs money so let me mention a few more ways for our readers to have some more extra tips.

Social Media:

As we all know that distance between countries or continents are contracting nowadays with the help of social media, where in past few decades offshore businesses or import export was way different form what we are dealing with today, now there are various websites available which helps a person who wants to do business on another side of the world or simply wants to fulfill their need in exchange of good or services. Communicating is much more simpler than ever no matter what part of the world you live in or what you do, you can easily sell your goods whether they are worth less than a dollar or whether it is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. All you need to do is some research and then approach the right person who is already seeking what you can provide.

Online Services:

As u mentioned that people can sell their services like if anyone looking for a tutor for their kids you can simply provide your services as a tuition teacher, similarly people can provide there different services online for those who are looking for their type of services, for example graphic designing is the most demanded service among the globe, print media is almost everyones need whether a person running a small shop or whether you are a branded business tycoon everyone needs help of a graphic designer where you can earn money by making a simple logo or you can earn by editing some photos or by making some brochures and so on. It’s also a very good way of earning money if you have any technical skills like graphic designing, web development, SEO and many more.


If an individual wants to earn to save money rather than his daily bread and butter, or to achieve his life goals or to have some extra money so he won’t be stressed in times of need, it is everyone’s need and everyone should make efforts to make more money it helps in many ways either they are living with family or not.

How to make extra money:

Money is the basic need of every person to survive in this world. Sometimes people find it really hard to make money. Finding a job or a way to make money is always not easy but in today’s world there are many opportunities to make money. You can start with little but eventually as you proceed you can grow. You only have to find the best way that can work for you.

Blockquote“It doesn’t take money to make money.”
Robert T. Kiyosaki

22 Easy ways to make extra money:

Following are some creative ways that can help you to make extra money along with your job or you can also do some of them to earn full time income.

1 YouTube channel:

We all know the value of YouTube in today’s world. There are many people who are making full time income just by their YouTube channel. Games, Makeup , Education, Sports, Music, Health, Fitness and many more categories are available on which you can start your own YouTube channel. You only need to find your talent or skill so that you can do the job easily and with fun. If your channel grows then different brands and companies send you stuff to review it so you can also get some free stuff.

2 Uber driver:

If you have a car then you have a great opportunity. You can drive your car for Uber on weekends or during your holidays to get some extra money. You can even do that as a full time job.

3 Rent your car:

If you have a car then another easy way to make extra money is to rent your car. When you don’t have to drive you can rent the car to someone who is in need and can get some money just by doing nothing.

4 Rent a room:

Another way to make money is to rent a room. If you have a extra room in your house then you can rent it to someone for short period of time and can get some extra money.

5 Babysitting:

Babysitting is another way to make some extra money. If you can easily take care of babies then you will not find it that much difficult. You can do that on your weekends or during your holidays to get some money.

6 Delivery boy:

You can also work as a delivery boy for restaurants or for online shopping stores. You can do that full time as well as a side job along with your studies or your work to earn some extra money.

7 As a salesman/salesgirl:

Working as a salesman/salesgirl does not only gives you money but also helps in developing your communication skills. If you find it hard to interact with people then you can try to be a salesman/salesgirl as it will help you to develop your confidence besides giving you some extra money.

8 Freelancing:

If you want to earn online then you should try freelancing. There are many platforms like upwork and fiverr where you can provide your service to people in return of money. If you are good in writing or in editing or you can develop websites or you are a graphic designer then you should try to be a freelancer to earn money. You can also get paid for posting ads. Once you learned properly the work and gained some experience then you can earn a good amount of money online.

Blockquote“Making money online is easy once you know how to do it. It’s like riding a bike. It’s easy once you know how to do it.”
■■■■ Moore

9 Sell old stuff:

We always have somethings that we buy but do not use that much. You can use those things to get some money. There are many different things that you can sell even if you have used them a little bit like
1 your old books
2 gift cards
3 clothes
4 games/movies
5 electronics

10 Tutor:

You can also work as a tutor besides your job. You can teach a specific subject in which you have command. Especially if you are a student then you can easily teach your junior students. You can work as a tutor just on weekends or during your holidays. Your income of course depends upon your experience and expertise.

11 Online shop:

If you have a skill then another way to make some money is to sell your skill. You can have your own online website or page where you can sell your skill. For example:
1 If you can do stitching and a little designing then you can sell some clothes.
2 If you have interest in painting or drawing then you can sell your art.
3 If you know cooking you can sell your food.
4 If you like baking then bake and sell.

12 Blog:

If you are a good writer then starting a blog can also be a good idea for earning extra money. Your writing can generate a good amount of money if you put a little effort in learning the work before you start.

13 Gardening:

You can also work as a gardener in your free time to earn some extra money. If you like gardening then this job will be easy and fun for you. A fun fact is that study has shown that nature ( greenery and flowers) can improve your mood and state of mind. So gardening can be a beneficial job as well.

14 Participate in giveaways and


Of course it is not sure that you will win but if you win you can get some free stuff or money. The best thing is that it doesn’t require effort or any investment there is a chance that you could win jus by doing nothing. The more you participate your chances to win are higher.

15 Tour guide:

If you like traveling then working as a tour guide is a good option for you. You can travel yourself as well and also get some money. Especially during holidays becoming a tour guide can be easy for a lot of people.

16 Pet sitting:

Another option is to do pet sitting. For a pet lover it is not a difficult task to do. It can give you some extra money. You can also take dogs for a walk and charge for that.

17 Deliver Newspaper:

Delivering newspaper doesn’t require a lot of time. You only need a little bit of time from your day to do the job. It cannot provide you a lot of money but something is better than nothing.

18 Academic writer:

It is something which is not preferable. If you are a student then it is easy for you to do academic writing. You have to complete other’s assignment and homework and charge for that. You can even do academic writing online. There are many opportunities online for academic writing.

19 Photography:

You can also sell your photographs to earn some money. If you are a good photographer then then you can work part time as a photographer to earn some extra money. You can even improve you photography to earn more money. Many tips and tricks are available on internet for taking better pictures.

20 Teaching a skill:

You can not only get money by selling your skill but also by teaching your skill to others. Painting, cooking, baking, knitting, drawing, crafting, martial arts, music, editing, language, dancing, wood working, archery, swimming or anything that you know you can teach others and charge for that.

Blockquote“If you don’t value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents. Value what you know and start charging for it.”
Kim Garst

21 Rent your furniture:

Another thing to rent is your furniture. If you have some extra furniture then use it to get money. Rent your furniture for short periods of time to earn some extra money easily without any effort.

22 Repairing:

Last but not the least way of earning money is repairing. You can do a little repairing to earn more money . The job doesn’t require too much effort but in return it doesn’t give that much money as well.


There are many ways to make money. Some of them are discussed above. If you look around yourself you will find many ways to make money. It cannot give you a full time income but starting is the basic principle. Once you have started and understood that how it works then you can start growing. The whole article actually says one thing and that is:

Blockquote“ Do what you can, with what you have and where you are”

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Everyone wants to be rich and earn money in order to avail their free time , below are some good on how to make extra money:

1) If you’re an entrepreneur, and by one venture you’re already earning, buy the venture that is competing with your venture for example mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook and then he bought Instagram.In todays world Facebook and Instagram are frequently used apps.

2) Start giving people a virtual assistance.

3) Start content writing or free lancing, you can earn money sitting at home typing.The payment is done on the basis of how many words you write in a given time interval.

4) Set up your home based food industries so that you can cook and sell your food.

5) Do part time job in career or Uber, get your own car and be a career.or Uber driver for a day or week based on your feasibility in order to earn extra money.

6) Do fellowship so that you are paid for the seminars.

**7)**Earn extra money by availing your knowledge by online tutoring.

**8)**Be a tourist in your city and conduct heritage or strolls around the city.A lot of foreigners will join you.