How to Lose Weight Formula and What Is Ketogenic?

Diet trend or weight loss formula Change every year, no different from the fashion trends on the runway. So don’t be out of trend with eating fat. Don’t get fat!

Healthy women who like diet more than exercise Always looking for new methods or formulas to lose weight all the time Whether eating a special juice (Juice Diet), Palio Diet (Paleo Diet), or Atkins Diet (Atkins Diet) and another hundred ways. But there is another interesting method which is the Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Formula, also known as Keto Diet because this is how much fat to eat. The more weight we lose, the more confused. Don’t wait to get to know this recipe!

What is Ketogenic Diet?

Eating a ketogenic diet is a diet that focuses on high fat. And followed by protein Or more simply, reducing carbohydrates to very small amounts and replacing them with both vegetable and animal fats instead.

How to eat fat and help lose weight

Come here! How to eat until the lips burn. The answer is when we reduce the amount of carbohydrate and sugar intake. Causing our astonishing body to have a “fear of death” symptom. Normally, the body used glucose in the blood derived from starch-flavored foods to be used as energy The body then needs to find a source of energy to replace it. And the energy that we have mentioned here is fat. Confused.

This type of eating creates a metabolic condition called ketosis, which causes ketone in the liver, which he uses here for energy. After starting ketogenic eating for days or weeks The body and brain may feel tired, tired easily, have bad breath, but the body will gradually adjust to being able to use fat as an energy source instead of carbohydrates. Or simply, this condition will change the body to retrieve fat. Metabolism instead, sure enough.

How to eat ketogenic!

If the girls begin to eat like keto-vegetarian The important thing we should know is to limit the number of carbohydrates to very low. This means that we can focus on eating these fatty foods instead of eating curry at the front of the alley. Or delicious minced pork basil rice Which is good news for people who like to eat fat Because eating a keto diet allows it to be eaten mainly But must be natural fat So we have to try to eat many kinds of fat at the same time. If you want to eat fried chicken, you can go straight away to buy Just use normal fried chicken, not fried batter chicken. So eating like this will light green meat, avocado, butter, cheese or lard can all be eaten

Things to avoid when losing weight with ketogenic formula.

As I said, we should avoid foods that contain flour. And mainly high in sugar, We know that it’s not easy and difficult to accept. But anyone who is losing weight in this recipe needs to stop ordering the best chicken noodle An evil cocktail that has a lot of sugar. And avoid fats or oils that have been synthesized because they may have negative effects on the body. If anyone can do it with discipline, we will move closer to changing the body to pull more fat to burn!

Who is Keito Janik suitable for?

Okay, girls probably already know some ketogenic weight loss formulas. Now let’s see who this diet is better for. For Ketogenic Weight Loss Formula Suitable for young women who eat meat more deliciously than vegetables If you still can’t think of it, then try to imagine it simply when ordering food. And feel the desire to eat fried stir basil Garlic Pork Rice More than stir fry vegetables Or people who like to eat steak without worrying about being fat If you realize that it’s late for eating, then go ahead. Suitable for anyone who wants to lose food but does not want to eat only salad vegetables. However, people who do not want to lose weight like ketogenic Are people who have problems with liver disease, kidney disease, or have problems with fat burning Because it is a weight loss formula That uses the liver and kidneys to work reasonably hard May not affect the body in the long run.

The side effects of the ketogenic diet

Having said that, this formula can actually be used to lose weight. But the result depends on the individual’s body too Many people try to lose weight by eating ketogenic. Which takes a period of six months to one year Which he cannot answer if eating like this can really help to reduce, but there are certain complications that follow, like anyone who eats cereals Or a small number of fruits and vegetables over a long period of time, the body will lack nutrients such as fiber causing the body to cause abnormal bowel movements. Therefore, anyone who wants to try to lose weight with this formula must eat all the other nutrients as well.