How To Look Pretty With Braces

How To Look Pretty With Braces

Do you think girls look beautiful in it? 3

I think a lot of girls are beautiful when they smile and have a c-section. Do girls think of it as boys?

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By the way, I'm a boy, I look like a girl when asked LOL.


There is nothing wrong with that.

I've had it for a year and some people think it makes a girl beautiful. But don't worry, your appearance won't change at all. And as someone said, a smile will make you even sweeter.

I think some girls look really cute in them, you know? Others feel very bad. My football team has 4 girls, all three are very beautiful and one is not. I think women are beautiful in this regard because it makes them look natural and it makes them look deep and not like liars or liars.

I'm not beautiful on the inside ...

But I'm taking it off on Wednesday! So yes ... it has to happen, but the end result is definitely worth it.

Some people look pretty, not pretty, just beautiful

It depends on the type of tooth you have.

If they have good teeth, they are usually not too small or too big.

So it sounds good: D

But it seems that your teeth are really small and there is more power than teeth when you smile.

You nooooooooo. )

But I have good teeth and people are like that when I smile.

Wow, your smile looks good with this D too.

How To Look Pretty With Braces

How To Look Pretty With Braces

Yes! I saw my old skater friend the other day and he said he has these things. He answered me and I can honestly say I can't help the rest of the day but think about it! They meet her fair skin! And beautiful freckles!

I like most of the people here. It really depends on what you look like, not the metal in your mouth. I have these ...: / I don't really like them ... they are sick :(

I have had him for over a year and some people say I feel better with him. Is

If you are beautiful then you will always look beautiful with it. If you're not pretty, you probably aren't. Personally, I like most people with it :)

Girls think like boys in this ... what?

No, I don't know any guy who likes girls ...

How To Look Pretty With Braces

How To Look Pretty With Braces

It depends. Great to use. I used one and it looks good. :)

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How To Look Pretty With Braces