How to know which kitchen layout is right for you?

The kitchen in your home says a lot about you and should provide a lot of insight into the type of person you are and the lifestyle that you lead. This is because the kitchen is the beating heart of every home, and whether you are a wannabe Nigella, or you are more of a glass of wine and baked potato kind of person then your kitchen should reflect just that.

When it comes to designing and creating the best kitchen for you, it can be difficult to know where to start. But it is important that you are honest with yourself about how you are going to use your kitchen. For example, there is little point in filling the space with the high-tech cooking equipment if a takeaway with friends is more your style.

But do not worry as we are here to help, and by taking you through the different kitchen layouts that are available you will be able to create a kitchen that is perfect for you, and that you are going to love spending time in!

The Traditional L Shape

When you think of a more traditional kitchen you probably imagine the L-shaped layout that most of us are familiar with. This is such a common kitchen layout because it suits both small and large sized kitchen spaces and has become a common but timeless design. The L-shaped layout creates the shape using two adjoining walls, and creates a continuation of worktop space. This type of kitchen is particularly popular because of the open floor space that it provides, so that no matter what direction you enter the kitchen from it is accessible from both ends. This stops the space from feeling cramped and small.

Another way you can make the most of the L shaped kitchen layout is by using the extra floor space to add an island which makes the room more flexible. You could also consider adding a dining table to this space if you enjoy entertaining guests. Kitchen design specialists Magnet have a range of this kitchen layout available, from traditional L-shape to a more modern twist on an old classic.

Kitchens for Cooking- the galley

If you are an avid cook and love nothing more than spending time in the kitchen cooking up a storm then the galley style layout is the one for you. The galley kitchen, also sometimes referred to as the parallel style, is one of the most efficient layouts meaning that it is popular amongst chefs and ideal for those who have a smaller kitchen space to work with. As you can probably imagine the galley style has two worktops facing each other with walking space between the middle.

It is popular amongst those who love to cook as it provides plenty of worktop space that comes in handy when preparing a meal. However, it is important to bear in mind that this layout of kitchen doesn’t allow for a lot of walking space, so this isn’t ideal if you plan to have a lot of people in the kitchen at one time.

Cosy in the kitchen- the peninsula

If you have a smaller area to work with when it comes to picking the right kitchen layout for you, it is important that you think about functionality and storage. This is why the peninsula design is a popular kitchen trend as it is both practical and aesthetically appealing.

This is perfect for those who like a cosy feel in their home, and who would love to be able to include a free standing island in their kitchen but worry they don’t have the space. Instead the peninsula style kitchen allows for an island surface that is connected to the wall without taking up all the walking space available. This is beneficial to any kitchen as it also provides additional storage space and can additionally be used as a dining area or extra food preparation space.

If you are someone who wants a versatile kitchen space that is great for both socialising and for cooking a delicious meal then the peninsula is the one for you.

The Entertainer- The U shape

If you have a large space to fill when finding the right kitchen layout for you then it may feel like you are spoiled for choice. But it is still important that you don’t rule out some of the more popular layouts as they could be perfect for you. A large kitchen space means that the opportunities are endless when it comes to entertaining guests, and even if you have a large family, you should still be sure to use the space you have wisely.

This layout is usually made up of three worktops (to create the u-shape) which means plenty of space for meal preparation and cooking. It is also a great example of the working triangle, which means you can move easily between the three main areas you need for cooking, those being the fridge, oven, and sink. With all this extra space you can have more than one cook in the kitchen and there is plenty of room to get all the family involved.

The island- family friendly

The island kitchen layout has become increasingly popular in recent years, with it being found typically in family kitchens. This is because of how versatile and flexible an environment creates which any parent will know is essential if you have children. Whether dinner time in your household involves the kids getting involved in cooking, or means getting them to sit and do their homework so you can keep an eye on them while you prepare the food, an island kitchen layout provides the perfect space.

This layout is a great option for those who have medium to large size kitchens and offers the perfect environment for the whole family to catch up and socialise after a busy day at work and school.

Kitchens are like families; they all come in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, we recommend that you take the time to consider how you will get the most use out of your kitchen when considering which layout is best for you. Whether you live alone and love to entertain, or have a family to consider, this will enable you to make your kitchen dreams a reality and transform your kitchen and dining space.