How To Jailbreak Roku?

Are you using a streaming stick or box of Roku and want to jailbreak it to explore and stream content with restrictions? If yes, then you should consider using the following methods.

Screen Casting

It is one of the easiest methods to jailbreak Roku. You can jailbreak Roku by using this method if you want content on Netflix and YouTube. To know a step-by-step guide, you can consider this Roku jailbreaking source. Hopefully, it would tell you everything about jailbreaking Roku. However, if you want to jailbreak Roku for Kodi, then it is better to try any other method.

Screen Mirroring

It is another finest way to jailbreak Roku. In this regard, you just need a screen with a Roku box. This screen could be your smartphone or PC. Withal, during this activity, you shouldn’t use your phone or PC. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to continue this process.

Roku Mobile Application

Roku mobile application also allows jailbreaking Roku device. But keep in mind, this method is not applicable for applications like Netflix and Kodi.

Hopefully, these methods would help in jailbreaking Roku. But if you have more methods, then don’t forget to share them by commenting below!