How To Insert Html Into Email

How To Insert Html Into Email

Are we going to add HTML code to the email? 3

J'essaie d'insérer the source code of the HTML code that I got from the page I created What was

But when I send emails, regardless of whether I use Outlook or Gmail, the recipient sees only HTML and not the website. And yes, they have HTML enabled in their email settings. Any ideas to find?

The page has already been downloaded, so why do you only see the code, not the web page?


Why are some of you wasting time answering? Copy and paste? Are you serious

Sorry for the inconvenience. They keep teasing me too.

Looking at the source code and copying / pasting this HTML into an email is like pasting text because it is text. It cannot be viewed as a web page like this. You should be able to change the actual y of the email and very few email clients will allow you to do so.

Another great option is to provide a link to an online page. This way your page will appear correctly with all the images and active links.

The second option is to open Word or its equivalent word processor with a blank page. Then go to the live page and check what you want to broadcast. If this is a full page, just click on it to bring it into focus. Press Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + C.

Now click on the Word page and press Ctrl + V, wait for Word to fetch all the information and images. When you're done, save it in Word as an open document type, or save the page as an HTML page if you want to save it in your browser.

When sending an email, be sure to click the Insert menu and select File. Find the file you just emailed and click on it to add it to your email as an attachment.

Now, if you use Outlook Express to send emails, there is a small way to change the original email. Email me if you are using OE and I will walk you through the steps.


Why not send a link in the address bar instead of sending a code?

I want to see the code.

Copy and paste

How To Insert Html Into Email