How To Improve Intelligent Character Recognition?

Entire-time individuals are finding ways to analyze and gather data. The rise of the advancement of the printing press gives access to large-scale production of files and documents of the advanced times. Until the 1980s, data gathered from files were organized manually into a system, but the accuracy and increase of productivity of file processing rely on form design.

There are various ways to analyze when designing a document to gather manual responses. The documents need to be simply understood by your targeted respondents. The documents want to restrict the response area and simply want to recognize and where the client is to answer their responses.

Intelligent character recognition significance

ICR is an advanced technology of OCR online. Optical character recognition focuses on predefined alphabets whereas intelligent character recognition systems aid several writing styles of handwriting to be learned by software to enhance recognition of text and accuracy rate.

ICR software apprehends writing styles from PDF files. It is an enhanced category of optical character recognition automation in which predefined alphabets are captured.

Intelligent character recognition is in the transformed phase as a digital system are keep on giving better accuracy and text identifiable rates. The exchange and adjustments in this category are persistent which divulges chances with time to make automation more authentic.

What is Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR)?

It not only identifies and uproot predefined and written information but also joined handwriting. Intelligent character recognition services identify on alphabet level rather it also includes full terms and characters. It has the capacity of capturing undocumented data and is more comprehensive compared to intelligent character recognition.

However, does not duplicate optical character recognition and intelligent character recognition, software as it reducing technology to proceed with real-world documents that are not eloquent and have free form.

The files in which it is difficult to identify the information fields can not be recognized with intelligent character recognition. Rather than do the information entry tasks, intelligent word recognition technology automatically identifies the information in a comprehensive manner.

How to do Intelligent Character Recognition works?

Intelligent character recognition solutions are unified into software that takes in a predefined of handwritten files. It scans the data from it and uproots the information from it and extracts the information from the PDF files. Let’s take a deeper look at intelligent character recognition technology in the document authentication use-case of financial institutions.

  1. The client will display their identity document in front of the webcam. The intelligent character recognition system will scan the files and extract the data from the identity documents such as name and date of birth.

  2. The client could be requested to transmit a hand-written consent as per the instructions. The consent information will be scanned and uprooted.

  3. Both the uprooted data will be authenticated and information, as well as results, will be sent to the back office.

Use-cases of intelligent character recognition

Over time, this advancement proved to be innovative for a variety of real-world organizations’ applications. Today with an inventive organization system utilizes intelligent character recognition for automatic form filling.

Before intelligent character recognition, the recognition of undocumented information was a difficult procedure. However, now advanced automation has the capacity to automatically the extraction of data procedure no matter if it is formed different ways of writing. Intelligent character recognition has implementations at the organizational level.

  1. ICR online software is embraced by RPA globally.

  2. To reduce workplace tasks, intelligent character recognition is widely embraced in the apps of OMR.

  3. Intelligent character recognition is utilized for achieving the information in an electronic environment.

  4. Authentication of handwritten consent in the digital world.

  5. The intelligent character recognition system is utilized to automate human labor information procedure at the organizational level.


Intelligent character recognition is in the transformed phase as a digital system are keep on giving better accuracy and text identifiable rates.