How To Hide A Septum Piercing

How To Hide A Septum Piercing

Can I hide my septum on the day of piercing? ۔

I wanted to pierce the septum with a round bar, but I just managed to disguise it!

Talk to your piercer. You do something called plast. Some of them can be used for new piercings and some cannot. Tell the person you are going to get stuck in.

You may have to choose one or the other. Whoever is your partner, you have to commit during healing. Note that sometimes hidden gems are still prominent. It is less noticeable than rings and other items.

I just scratched my pierced nostril on Boxing Day. I think it's been more than 3 weeks now ... I can imagine the septum hurting more. If not checked, it will not be difficult to fix.

Your piercer may have the resources to keep someone you can leave when he or she is healed and out of sight. It's not exactly what you want, but it will work.

I have one that looks great. I know this is still going well and I can wait. I have 16G with a 3mm ball in my nostrils ... you may have to dislike it a lot and then change it if you can.

Yes, but if you need healing, it is better to heal for the piercing because the piercing does not move, does not move, does not move.

I still have to clean, lie down or do something, don't give up.

How To Hide A Septum Piercing