How To Give Yourself A Fever

How To Give Yourself A Fever

I have a fever?


Well, I have a fever, I followed my lead and I felt the goal was to catch ...

Think about your age and strength first: I'm 13 and a little weak ...> <But it doesn't matter if you're really old or 13 or something like that, maybe its length It will work more. You are weak. Fever is very difficult when you are strong, but try it :)

1. Accept the answers

Take a hot shower anytime after 07:00! Otherwise it will be very difficult to have a fever. I recommend taking one after 9 p.m. If you are strong enough and have g muscles and such ...

Wear an anti-dandruff mask. I don't know how to explain it, but it bothers you. It's like putting a little light on your scalp to let the water in. If you don't have a drywall mask, wear a regular mask at least 3 times and then come to life. (Shut down for at least a few minutes every 20 seconds!)

Do not bring towels after service. You have to go somewhere ... um ... no clothes _

(Important! Otherwise, you will have difficulty developing D fever :) Do not eat your peak Y.

Do this for about 5 minutes ...

2. X What clothes should I wear?

Wear very light clothing after your height. Try not to cover your part and usually always cover. I wear the soles of my feet like I always wear jeans ...

3. رین Adrenaline

You need something to make your heart beat faster then adrenaline ... I accidentally forgot about it. You don't need this action, but having a fever is 70% to 90% sure that if you remember it after you fall asleep, you will get this feeling in the morning. You can ask anyone to travel without you knowing, but the best heart of SD comes from XD crashes.

4. 4. Go to bed

Now that you're still wet and thinking about this awesome or fun thing, go to sleep. For best results, do this late. If you shower at 7 a.m., leave around 1 p.m. For best results, sleep with a fan and blanket.

5 ~~~~~~~~~ End

there! You may have a fever, and if not, it is very strong. But even if you don't have a fever, you should have at least one cold ...

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions: d

Only drink when your temperature is measured. Of course, you just have to have a fake fever.

To fever, a person should be sick. Hang out with people who sneeze / cough a lot. Do not wash your hands often. Touch your face, mouth / nose and rub your eyes a lot. Never clean the surfaces of your room. If you want to work harder, you can lick the bathroom door.

If I were you, I would make excuses

You can't have a fever. Fever is a positive reaction to any infection. This is not a concern that can be manipulated.

I've heard of a method in the past, never tried. And I won't tell you because it's all bad.

If your temperature is measured with a thermometer, you should take it shortly before the measurement. Just make a tea inside your mouth. If they do it on your ear, I don't think you can fake it.

How To Give Yourself A Fever