How To Give Yourself A Bruise

How To Give Yourself A Bruise

What is the easiest way to get a wound? 3

How do I get wounds easily? Is there anything I can do to make the wound more visible? Or is it less painful but completely effective? Thanks X.


Anyone wondering why I'm asking, I'm asking with interest. I did not pay attention. not me. X.

I felt that I had succeeded in solving the problem.

I gossiped, had fun and somehow woke up the next morning with wounds. You know what i do

Why do you want to know this? I think the easiest way is to kill yourself really, really hard. It damages the blood vessels under the skin with each wound. The second option is just to knock or knock on the door. I get hurt very easily and I hope I don't get hurt.

You can pinch the area of ​​skin where you want to apply the wound and brush after 20 seconds to one minute. Or you can punch each other a few times in the area. It's a pain, but if you don't like pain, I recommend wearing make-up.

This is more likely when you hit something than when it hits you. As simple as that, now I have a total of 9 injuries on both my legs and arms.

It is very effective to hit your feet (or other parts) on the stairs. I have injuries 90% of the time.

Or you can ask Ch Norris at any time. If you do that you will get at least one injury ... :)

How To Give Yourself A Bruise

How To Give Yourself A Bruise

Donate blood and then take aspirin. You may have a slight pain in your arm.

Other than fighting, you won't get hurt, and remember that whenever you get a minor injury, there is a risk of serious injury.

Orange is the preferred method of healing wounds. Put four in the sock and fight gently. This is a special way of making evidence of beating to catch someone.

How To Give Yourself A Bruise

How To Give Yourself A Bruise

I can think of many ways to hurt you in different situations, using offensive language for different people in different places.

I like the idea of ​​being my own or having the support of a good friend.

It all depends on where you want your wound to look.

There is no easy way out, if you get hurt it is usually painful because it is the result of a blunt trauma that causes the blood vessels under the skin to rupture.

I won't even tell you why you want wounds, because I don't like them at all.

This is a strange question, why do you want to hurt?

In any case, I think it depends on the region. If they have heads, they squeeze like crazy while the flesh spots are not visible. Hard things, I think. Put the bricks on your knees.

How To Give Yourself A Bruise