How To Get Electivire In Pokemon Platinum

How To Get Electivire In Pokemon Platinum

How is Electabuzz going platinum?

For Electivire you must take an electrician to the Talwindpark and replace the Electabuzz it contains. Pre-evolution is elekid, which you need to breed Electabuzz or Elctivire to get.

And how does Electabuzz develop in Pokemon Platinum?

Find someone to give you your Evolved Electivir back after it has evolved. Electabuzz will continue to evolve after the trade. You can only trade with someone who is playing a game of your own generation. In all Pokémon games, trading is only available after completing certain gyms.

You may also be wondering how to get Elekid in Pokemon Platinum?

You can’t get an Elekid Platinum, but you can find an Electabuzz in box 222. You can upgrade Electabuzz Evolve and then Electivire to get the entire Evolution family.We also wonder at what level Electabuzz is being developed in Light Platinum.Electrabuzz grows to level 40, but when it grows it is level 37.

How is platinum magmar made?

Method 4 of 7: While holding an item during a trade

  1. Electabuzz> Electivire: if you replace it by holding Electrizer, it will continue to evolve.
  2. Magmar> Magmortar: Evolves when traded while holding Magmarizer.
  3. Dusclops> Dusknoir: develops when you trade it while holding a cutter.

How do I get the Sinnoh Stones?

Sinnoh Stones is available from two sources: Research Assignments and PvP Battles. After completing seven days of Research Stamp, you have a chance to earn a single Sinnoh Stone with Research Breakthrough.

Where is Elektrizer in Platinum?

2 answers. The electrician is behind the fence of the valley wind farm, but to get there you have to surf from the bridge. Or you can find wild Electabuzz on Route 222 with a 30% chance to find them and a 50% chance to keep them.

How do I get Electivire in Platinum?

For Electivire, you need to hire an electrician in the valley wind farm and purchase from electabuzz to manage it. Pre-evolution is elekid, which you need to breed Electabuzz or Elctivire to get.

Where can I find Platinum Magmar?


How do you get Magmortar?

How do I get Electivir?

You can get Electivir by asking Electabuzz to save the Electrizer item when you shop. The electrician is in the blue grotto.

How does a magneton develop?

You have to be in Pokéstop range and then choose Magneton or Nosepass - you are given a new evolution option that allows you to evolve it a little longer as long as you have enough candy. Technically it is not necessary to purchase a magnetic bait module.

How will Kadabra go platinum?

Offer to trade Kadabra with an impossible Pokémon like a level 1 Hooh and disconnect from the network. Talk to the receptionist again and reconnect to the network. If you withdraw your offer, Kadabra will become Alakazam and join your party.

How is the clear platinum machoke developed?

If you look around, the only way to get a machamp is to swap a medicham for a machoke somewhere and then it will evolve from there.

Which song is Electrabuzz?

How do you become elekid?

Elekid can be found in some grassy areas of Mount Hokulani on Ulaula Island. One of those places is the grass around the bus stop. Go down the road that descends from Mount Hokulani to meet Elekid.

How do you become happy in Pokemon Platinum?


Where is Route 222 in Pokemon Platinum?

Location of Route 222 in Sinnoh.

Route 222 (Japanese: 222 ?





Route 222) is a road in southeastern Sinnoh that connects Sunyshore City and Valor Lakefront. In Platinum, this path is only available after exiting Distortion World and talking to Professor Rowan.

Where can I find a Magby in Pokemon Diamond?


where to find Elekid in Pokemon Diamond

Where can I find Electabuzz in soul silver?

Electabuzz isn’t exclusive, but you can also (rarely) find them on Route 10. Either way, you won’t get preE4 unless you look around.

How can I upgrade Electabuzz to become an Elekid?

How To Get Electivire In Pokemon Platinum