How to fold a pocket square?

Welcome to the pocket square folding guide where I’ll be demonstrating the 3 generally fundamental and exemplary approaches to wear your pocket squares. On the off chance that you haven’t had a go at adorning your suit, shirt, and bind with a handkerchief then the seven reasons beneath ought to be persuading enough to check it out:

  • A handkerchief includes pleasant shading and all the more live to suit, shirt, and tie.
  • The pocket square is an ideal supplement to your bowtie.
  • A handkerchief immediately includes a dash of advancement and polish to your group.
  • Utilizing a handkerchief permits you to “spruce up” or “dress down” an outfit.
  • Best “value for money” frill! – The pocket square gains you bunches of style focuses for minimal expenditure.
  • Grow your closet – Wearing a handkerchief gives a similar suit an alternate look every day.
  • To wrap things up, a handkerchief permits you to add more close to home style to a generally uniform looking outfit.

Classic Fold

This fold, additionally called “Presidential Fold”, is probably the most straightforward approaches to crease a handkerchief. This overlap is best for rich clothing extending from formal business dress to dark tie. Commonly an exemplary white handkerchief produced using silk or material is utilized for this crease.


  • Lay the pocket square on a level and clean surface.
  • Overlap the pocket square down the middle.
  • Overlap one side up. The amount of the pocket square you overlap in is relying upon how profound your coat’s pocket is.
  • Pull the collapsed pocket square into your front pocket so that around 1/4 of an inch is obvious.

One tip up Fold

Another well-known approach to crease the pocket square is the three-sided “one tip up” overlay. It suits any sort of pocket square and clothing regulation. Actually, I like this crease with a strong hued, non-white, handkerchief.


  • Begin by laying the pocket square on a level surface.
  • Crease one corner in so you get two covering triangles.
  • Crease one side of the triangle in.
  • Do likewise on the contrary side.
  • At long last spot the pocket square in your coat’s pocket.

The sophisticated fold

Searching for a fairly unique handkerchief overlay? At that point this crease, once in a while likewise called “two folds up” overlay may be great. It suits any handkerchief shading and example. By and by I pick this crease for designed handkerchiefs embellishing an easygoing smooth outfit that is preferably complex over formal.


  • Spot your pocket square on a clean and level surface.
  • Overlay one side over so you get two triangles that cover. I incline toward the vibe of having one tip higher than the other (see outline above).
  • Presently overlay one side in.
  • Do likewise on the contrary side.
  • Spot your collapsed pocket square in your front pocket and you are as of now done.

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