How To Fix Broken Invisalign Retainer

How To Fix Broken Invisalign Retainer

Broken Invisalign Retainer !!? 3

I have an Invialign retainer that was just removed from me in February and now I actually took my retainer and put it in my holder for a few seconds, hit it and picked it up and accidentally stepped on it. The split is in the middle and now it's 2 parts. BTW, this is the best retainer. I know each one costs 150, but my insurance will cover you to get a new one. That was an accident. It still fits in my mouth and I think it's okay, but do I need anyone else? Does my insurance cover it as you do with it?

You should receive a new deposit immediately. Otherwise your teeth will start to move. Don't waste time and money investing in the right tools.

Every insurance is different. If he doesn't pay, you pay.

It is best to see a dentist right away. Since it is not as tight as before, you should seek professional help. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

As a rule, insurers do not pay claims.

Ask your orthodontist to check with your insurance company and see what to expect.

How To Fix Broken Invisalign Retainer