How To Fix a Phone Screen Without Replacing?

Screen break is something that none of us wants to deal with. You walk merrily with your phone in your hand, and then it suddenly slips down from your hands. Your phone was kept on the edge of a table, and by some kind of force, it short fell to the ground.

Great, if your phone does not develop any cracks but, what if your phone shows an absolute black screen? In such a situation, the first thing that happens to you when you watch your blank window glass; you are terrified and, then your only escape is to a phone repair shop. But guess what? You can resolve your blank window screen on your own too.

If you want to resolve the black window screen by a professional, it will cost you a lot. Hence, Googling for a “phone screen repair” will not work. You ultimately have to be replacing the screen on your own. This problem may be either related to either software or a hardware glitch. In case it turns out to be a software issue, you can try to fix the dispute on your own.

Thus, in the article, you will be getting to know about how you can replace the window screen without replacing it on your own. Keep reading!
Steps to how you can fix the window screen of your phone without replacing it:

1. In Case of a Black Screen

A black screen may come up on several occasions and when they do, it a heart- wrenching. Especially when you have put the phone on charge for a long time and unplug it, you suddenly see that your windows phone screen is dark.

None of the functions work. Neither can you raise the volume button, nor are you able to switch on the screen by pressing the home button? As such, do not try to give your phone multiple commands, as this small gadget will not react to whatever you push. Here is what you need to do:

  • Take your charger’s cable and plug it into your laptop or PC connecting it with your phone.

  • Now you need to press and hold the volume button together simultaneously.

  • On pressing the above commands, a Product Support Tool tool will appear on the screen of your laptop or PC screen.

  • Click on the option Retry when it appears on the Product Support Tools.

  • On clicking on Retry, your phone will vibrate, and then you immediately need to remove your hands from the buttons, which you held in step 2.

  • Until your screen displays the sign of rebooting, press and holds the volume button up.

  • Once the rebooting is over, your phone’s screen will display the logo of the phone’s company, which indicates that your phone is restarting.

After your phone restarts, your screen will work correctly, and you will not need to go to any cell phone repair.

2. In Case of White Screen

In Android phones, what is known as white screen death, the phone screen starts to fade or become dot white or multicoloured. In this case, the phone becomes irresponsible. But, this is not because of any malware defect. It is actually because of a software glitch. Here is how you can solve it:

Reboot Your Phone

The best solution is to switch off your phone and then restart it. It is going to eliminate the prevailing bugs in the phone.

Remove The Unwanted Files

Sometimes, heavy unwanted apps can be the reason behind this problem. Hence, consider uninstalling them.

Perform Factory Reset

Performing this function will eliminate all the data, be it malicious or non-malicious, and give the phone a fresh start. But back up all the data before doing so.

Note: Keep in mind that if your phone is facing a screen problem due to a hardware glitch, do not mess with it. Instead, go to a phone repair.


If none of the solutions works, don’t dare try any DIY by watching any YouTube video. Go to a phone repair expert. They will provide you with the best phone repair service at a very reasonable price.