How to Find an Online Game to Play with Friends

How to Find an Online Game to Play with Friends? We’ve listed our top 5 favourites that will get you through a rainy day and help you make some new friends online.

Online games are tons of fun – especially when you play them with friends. An online game can be a great virtual hang-out, a way to hone your skills, and a perfect way to socialize during a pandemic. No matter what types of games you love – from interactive puzzles to online games, like King of Cards – we’ll help you find something fun to play with your friends.

Great Online Game Choices to Play with Friends

1. Among Us

The multiplayer online game Among Us has been a massive hit during the lockdown and also surpassed the popular Jurassic World online game in terms of the number of users among online games on the phone! Among Us allows friends to get together in a team and play a group of astronauts aboard a space flight. During the trip, someone gets murdered – and it’s up to the others to figure out who is a killer, while also staying alive!

Among Us is a great online game to play with friends. It’s like a fun, fast-paced version
of the old parlour game Murder in the Dark. One or two players also get to be the
murderers and work to outsmart the others. For a game based around colourful cartoon avatars, it can be surprisingly stressful.

If you want to get to grips with it before you play, there are plenty of great YouTube and
Twitch play-throughs available as well. Playing online with strangers also means that you can make new friends and is a great way to be social. Perfect if you want a fun mystery to solve and a way to meet people online.

2. Game of Phones

If you like online games like Cards Against Humanity, Game of Phones is a great option for you. Games of Phone is one of the best online game apps for parties. It basically lets you play a version of Cards Against Humanity on your smartphone with access to the internet. This gives you a huge range of hilarious answers to select. Ideal for house parties or for virtual get-togethers.

3. CS: GO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a great first-person shooter that you can play with
friends online. Counter Strike is a great game if you love to think tactically and work with others. It also has amazing graphics and effects, making it immersive and exciting to play.

Team up with your regular squad and do some damage. Or play with strangers online and make some new friends. CS: GO will test your reactions and your critical thinking skills with its tight, action-based style. It’s ideal for a slow Friday night or for a fun weeknight catch up with friends.

4. Let’s Fish

If you’re looking for an online game free, Let’s Fish is a brilliant option for you. This
game is fun and family-friendly, so you can play with the kids or with friends. There are a variety of options, in terms of levels and settings, where you can choose to do some
virtual fishing.

This means you can make the game as relaxing or as exciting as you like. Keep things
nice and easy fishing for small fry in beautiful rivers and lakes. Or take on some monster bait and go hunting for sharks. You can also switch up your fishing equipment to change how hard or easy you find the game. It’s a perfect way to get out and about virtually on a rainy day.


There are tons of great online game platforms if you are looking for new ways to stay
entertained. Avid gamers can choose from open-world games, level-based games, and virtual card games. There’s something online to suit every style of play and every level of ability. We are living in the golden age of online content – make the most of it and play!