How To Evolve Togepi

How To Evolve Togepi

Have we further developed Togepi in Pokemon Platinum? ۔

I have Togipi, now it's level 14, I don't want to progress any more, it already exists.

Calm the bell and I'll feed it so it won't be ready!

Most answers are wrong. You don't have to be lucky to be on top. You need two hearts, not just two hearts. Did you do it

Give him a comforting bell first. It doesn't mimic the effect of your wear, it just adds dots. This means that 256 steps increase happiness by one point. The hood rises in half, and so on

Give me another witch.

Third, give it vitamins.

Go ahead (and I did). When it comes out, give it an EV. These fruits increase happiness but reduce electric vehicles. You will need 25. Make sure if you have each type. I can't name them because my version is in Italian. Also do this when Togipi was just born, because he doesn't have an EV at the moment, so it will be safe.

. Don't let him go out either. And don't fall

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Togepi Development

If you get the Glückscheck app you will see how cool you really are. It wouldn't be nice to feed him puffs unless he liked the taste, and if he didn't like the taste, it would get worse. Curtain stone magicians add to the joy, but the joy of Pokemon will be even greater if you present it as a wizard at the band's company in the resort area. If it's level 14, you probably won't have much time to like it. Your togetics, of course.

For Togepi to develop, his luck must be more or less. There are several ways to increase your happiness:

Run with him at your party.


Give her a witch (a woman can do this on a sailboat)

Provides things like carbohydrates, protein, calcium, zinc and iron.

And give her your favorite puff.

Note: The quiet bell doesn't really add to your happiness, it doubles the effect of five.

Do it and you'll be tweeted soon!

You have to make him happy, take him to 2 wizards and give him a chest, I gave him 3 ribbons and 2 wizards in just one day and he reached level 2, you become a wizard in Got Wellstone Can be used in the city, I think with a Pokemon gym, and in a similar establishment just north of this record club or resort. Just find the wizards on youtube and if you make them it only takes a day? The stones that are being prepared for the next evolution ...

You must first maximize his pleasure so that he does not throw it out or cause illness problems such as poisoning or burning, and give him his favorite food like you said food, food - is chocolate. ۔ So all you need to do is train him level 1 when he is lucky and he can progress to tojatik and then you can give him a shining stone and make him into a togokis.

How To Evolve Togepi