How to Drive in Snow & Ice?

Personal injury lawyers and the other professional staff from Singer Kwinter wish everyone fun and safe holidays. The weather is not the best, please be safe and always remember that wet and cold weather is dangerous for a drive and other activities on holidays. whatever you are doing this Holiday, we hope your holidays full of joy and filled with the best memories.

We have already said it many times before, and we are repeating it here. Vacations are for you guys but, injuries and accidents do not stop for the holidays. It’s a very well-known fact that, a great number of deadly and dangerous accidents during every holiday.

And these not just the ones that occur during the colder weather seasons. Motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, car accidents, and work injuries occur every day, unfortunately. Personal injury lawyers from Singer Kwinter represent injury victims, people injured by the negligence of other drivers and companies.

Coming back to the topic of cold-weather injuries, in this article, we will highlight a few scenarios responsible for accidents. During the cold-weather season, car accidents are the most common injury cases we have contacted about. The cases include motor vehicle accidents and injuries on other people’s property caused by poor driving conditions. This brief discussion of these topics is a reminder to be mindful of the dangers of cold weather.

Winter Weather Car Accidents

Motorcycle, car, and truck accidents occur every day in Toronto. The weather usually does not change that much! but, the cold weather brings itself to situations particularly occurring during the winter. Rain, snow, and sleet are all the factors of many of the accidents that occur in Toronto during the winter. In simple words, Roads are dangerous when wet and slick.

If it’s snowing, make sure you are capable and prepared to drive on it. Driving on snow is very dangerous and drivers without any experience are targets for potential accidents. Make yourself familiar with recommended procedures for your vehicle’s driving before going driving on snow. There’s a section that includes all information about driving on snow on the manuals of almost every vehicle. You can also search on the internet and find plenty of websites with a lot of information, such as this article from Singer Kwinter.

The same thing is with black ice and justice. Those conditions for driving are not good at all. At least you can see what you are driving on while driving on the ice. But if it’s black ice, drivers can’t even see it. Doesn’t matter visible or not, ice is not safe at all to drive on. As with snow, there are many videos and articles online about driving on black ice and ice. However, if you can stay home, it is probably best to stay home until conditions are safe for driving.

Many people prepare for winter driving by just making sure that their vehicle is running well and having their fluids, wipers, and tires checked out. Besides making sure that, your vehicle is good to go, you should keep a blanket, warm coat, and some water in your vehicle in case you, unfortunately, have car trouble or just stuck in your car because of bad weather. Lastly, before you do head out it is always a good idea to check the weather reports.

Trips and Falls, Winter Weather Slips

Every year personal injury lawyers of Singer Kwinter’s field calls regarding premises liability cases. These are situations happening when someone got hurt or injured on someone else’s property. This is nothing more than a misconception that these incidents/accidents are strict liability. When we say strict liability that means the injured party does not need to prove any negligence to win their case. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple these types of cases are not simple and easy.

To have a successful case of premises liability in Toronto there are Some conditions that must be met. Generally, there has to be some negligence of any kind on the part of the owner or any parties responsible for the maintenance of the property.

The information you should take from this blog is that in winter, injuries on other people’s property do happen and that as a result, property owners can be held responsible for the injured person’s damages. Damages can be lost wages or medical bills, or pain and suffering. The most common examples of cases of winter slip and fall are slips on walkways and icy sidewalks that should have been cleared or de-iced.

Winter slip and fall injuries

Winter slip and fall injuries happen at homes and hotels and on other properties like businesses. If this ever happened to you injured because of a bad condition like an icy sidewalk on someone else’s property, make sure to take plenty of pictures of the accident area and report the injury. If you are too injured to take photos and to report the injury, your first priority should be seeking medical attention.

Regarding preventing these types of injuries, you should be mindful of the potential hazards of walkways and sidewalks when they are slick from the snow, rain or ice. You should think twice about walking on a snowy or icy path or entrance if you are aware of any such condition. In some cases, walking through a slick or an icy path you know to be not good to walk could lessen your chances of getting any compensation. Again, these cases are not simple, and they are all different according to different situations. If you have any questions about what should you do after an injury you should ask a lawyer.

If you are ever hurt in an injury matter or another accident during the cold winter, you should speak to a lawyer about what should you do further. There is a difference between Motor vehicle accidents and slip and fall cases. Some are more complicated than others, but each and every case needs an experienced attorney. Our Singer Kwinter personal injury lawyers work really hard to fight for their clients

Wrapping Up

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