How to draw a cat?

Drawing a cat is the simplest task that almost anyone is able to do who knows how to hold a pencil. But don’t worry if you’re not that much of an artist yourself. We’ll help you figure out how to draw a cat. Just follow the steps given below and you’ll get yourself a simple cat drawing in no time.

Things required:

  • Marker or pencil
  • Paper
  • Colors

Step 1:

We begin with making an oval shape for the head of the cat. It can be a square, a circle or even a triangle if you like.

Step 2:

The next step is making some triangles. Make two triangles on your shape for the head, to make the ears. Also, make one in the middle of the head shape for the nose.

Step 3:

How about we make the cat face now! Draw two littler triangle formed lines inside the periods. Make two spots for eyes. Next let’s make the mouth. Start by drawing short straight line from the base of the nose downwards. Beginning close to this line (on the left) draw the mouth bend, cut it down and up again to meet the line you made under the nose. Proceed with another bend.

Step 4:

Draw the whiskers.

Likewise begin drawing the body. Draw two bended lines, one on the left side and one the right.

Step 5:

Draw the feet.

Start with the front ones (long U shape). Rear legs are discretionary, however I do figure they can supplement the image.

Step 6:

Nearly done! Only a couple of more subtleties left. Like hooks, the line that finishes the paunch and a tail.

Congrats! You have quite recently figured out how to draw a cat.