How To Do An Eyebrow Slit?

How To Do An Eyebrow Slit? Eyebrow slit is done by a razor or electric trimmer. Start by brushing your eyebrows with a brush. Then decide where to place the cut and place two pieces of tape between the eyebrows to mark the placement. Slowly, with stable hands, use a razor or electric trimmer to create slits with small movements.

How To Do An Eyebrow Slit

Methods to do an eyebrow slit

This style was advocated during the 90s is as yet worn by individuals today. You can make eyebrow cuts on your own eyebrows by utilizing an electric or manual razor and tape. In the event that you don’t need perpetual eyebrow cuts, there are additionally ways that you can make them utilizing cosmetics. In the event that you follow the correct advances you can make your own sleek eyebrow cuts in a matter of seconds.

  1. By using electric clipper or razor
  2. By using concealer

By using electric clipper or razor

  1. Draw vertical lines on your eyebrow, to create an eyebrow slit, with white eyeliner. Make vertical lines with a white eyeliner pencil to stamp where your eyebrow cuts will go.

  2. Choose if you need eyebrow cuts in the two eyebrows or simply in one eyebrow.

  3. Glance in the mirror and decide the number of cuts you need, and where you need them to go.

  4. Typically, individuals will place 1 to 3 cuts in every eyebrow. Thicker eyebrows will by and large look better with more cuts, so consider the thickness of your eyebrows while picking your number.

  5. Get some scotch tape and spot it close to a line that you just drew. Utilize the straight edge on the tape and line it up with the edge of the white eyeliner.

  6. Ensure to leave a gap in the middle. This is where your eyebrow slit will go.

  7. Hold the clipper perpendicular to your skin. Do this calmly and don’t apply too much force or else you may peel the tape away from your eyebrow.

  8. Only move vertically. Try to avoid any side-to-side motion.

  9. If you want more than one cuts or slits than try to start from outside corner and work inward

  10. Gradually eliminate the tape so you don’t pull out any eyebrow hair. Remove the white eyeliner with your finger and some water. You should now have a cut in your eyebrow.

  11. Stand near a mirror and discover any hair that wasn’t shaved off. Get the finish of the hairs with a tweezer and physically pluck them so you have a perfect and smooth cut in your eyebrow.

  12. On the off chance that you just need one eyebrow cut you can stop here. If you want drew more lines, rehash the way toward applying tape on each side of the line and chopping it down the center.

  13. Intermittently look in the mirror to check whether the hair on your eyebrow cuts begins developing back. If it rehashes the way toward taping and shaving your eyebrows to make the cuts.

Eyebrow slits

By using concealer:

This is how to make fake eyebrow slit.Mostly eyebrow slit is typically made towards the outside of your eyebrows.

  1. To start with, utilize a brush constantly to shape your eyebrows and make more characterized line and agreeable raucous hairs.

  2. At that point, utilize a calculated cosmetics brush and eyebrow powder to fill your eyebrows in and make them look thicker.

  3. Your eyebrow powder should coordinate the shade of your eyebrow hair. The bolder and thicker your eyebrows, the more observable the eyebrow cuts will be.

  4. Pick a concealer that coordinates your skin tone and apply it around the edges of your eyebrows.

  5. Rub the concealer into your skin so you can’t perceive any edges of cosmetics free skin around your eyebrows.

  6. Concealer will make the shade of your eyebrow cuts coordinate the shade of the skin tone around your eyebrows.

  7. You can utilize an applicator brush or your fingers to rub the concealer in.

  8. Select a little, level, brush from your cosmetics pack and dunk it into a similar shading concealer that you utilized around your foreheads. Cover the tip of the enumerating brush in the concealer.

  9. Pick where you need to make the cuts the enumerating brush against your eyebrows with the goal that you apply the concealer over your skin Move the catch up on and down to obscure the line and attempt to keep the edges as spotless as could reasonably be expected.

  10. Fan down the wet concealer to accelerate the drying cycle. Keep in mind not to move onto the next step until the concealer has dried.

  11. Do the makeup on your face and mix your cosmetics so that the concealer around your eyebrow doesn’t have any hard lines or makes uncommon shading changes in your composition. When your look is done, you’ll have made fake eyebrow cuts that you can eliminate by essentially removing your cosmetic stuff.

Eyebrow slit

How to do an eyebrow slit: Essential Tips

  1. Ensure to leave a gap in the middle. This is where your eyebrow slit will go.

  2. If you are doing more than one slit, start with the outside corner and work inward.

  3. Move only vertically.

  4. Mostly eyebrow slit is typically made towards the outside of your eyebrows.

  5. Fan down the wet concealer to increase the drying process. Keep in mind not to move furthur until the concealer has dried.

How do you hide eyebrow slit?

Wet your hair and afterward utilize a fine tooth brush to part your hair directly over the most elevated part of your eyebrow.By doing this gap will cover and it will look like there is no slit in your eyebrow.

Summary: We all see the trend of eyebrow various occasions on your online media like Instagram. After reading this article you will able to know how to do an eyebrow slit. You can use any of above method to slit your eyebrows. This trend is very common in 2020.


Can someone use hair removal cream instead of razor?

Mostly cases it is not recommended because chemicals in the cream may blind you if it touches your eye

How to make fake eyebrow slit?

Using Concealer and then adjust it according your skin tone.

How do you hide eyebrow slit?

Wet your hair and afterward utilize a fine tooth brush to part your hair directly over the most elevated part of your eyebrow.

Does Vaseline help eyebrows grow?

Unfortunately, there’s no particular evidence that any of the ingredients present in Vaseline can increase eyebrows growth rate. However,may actually help eyebrows look thick, even if they’re actually growing at the same rate.


Eyebrow slits are the self-made gaps very common now a days. Now you can do by yourself if you want to know how to do an eyebrow slit permanently, temporarily and may also artificially. If you want permanent slit you may use razor and maintain it also by re-shaving it. If you want temporary slit you may use concealer.

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Eyebrow slits are a modern form of self-expression that involves making vertical cuts to remove a portion of the brow hair. This style was popularized in the 90s and is still used today. You can create cuts in your eyebrows with a manual or electric razor and masking tape. However, if you don’t want them to be permanent, there are also ways to create them with makeup. If you follow the right steps, you will be able to create your trendy brow slits in no time.

Method 1

Using a razor or hair clipper

1. Draw vertical lines on your brow with white eyeliner.
Make vertical lines with a white eyeliner pencil to mark where the slits will go. Decide if you want them on both brows or just one. Take a look in the mirror and decide how many cuts you want and where you want them to be.
:small_blue_diamond: Typically, people make 1 to 3 slits on each eyebrow. Thicker ones generally look better with more cuts, so think about the thickness of your brows when choosing the amount.
:small_blue_diamond: Traditional slits are usually made on the outside of the eyebrows.

2. Put a piece of masking tape next to a line.
Get some duct tape and put it next to one of the lines you just drew. Use the straight edge of the piece and line it up with the edge of the white liner. Work the slits one by one.

3. Place another piece of tape on the other side of the white line.
Make sure to leave an empty space in the centre. This is where one of the cuts will be. The tape will be your guide and help you shave straight lines.

4. Shave between the two pieces of tape.
Holding the machine perpendicular to your skin, gently move it down, against the direction of the hair, and shave the space between the two pieces. Do this slowly and without much force, otherwise, you could peel off the brow tape.

:small_blue_diamond: Just do vertical movements. Try to avoid horizontals.

:small_blue_diamond: If you’re making multiple slits, start at the outer corner and work your way inward.

5. Remove the tape and clean the eyeliner.
Remove it slowly so you don’t pull any hair from your eyebrow. Clean the white eyeliner with your finger and a little water. Now you will have a slit in the eyebrows.

6. Remove hairs that the razor did not tweeze.
Stand near a mirror and find the hairs that have not been shaved. Grab the ends of the hairs with tweezers and pull them out by hand so that you have a clean, smooth cut on the brow.

7. Repeat the steps on other parts of the eyebrows (if desired).
If you just want a brow slit, stop at this step. If you draw more lines, repeat the process of applying the tape to both sides of each and cutting the centre part.

8. To maintain your brow slits, shave them again.
Take a look in the mirror every so often to see if hair from cuts starts to grow back. If so, repeat the process of glueing the tape and shaving the brows to make them.

Method 2

Creating eyebrow slits with makeup

1. Fill in the brows with brow powder.
First, use a brow brush or comb to shape, create a more defined line, and tame unruly hairs. Next, use an angled makeup brush and brow powder to fill them in and make them look thicker. The powder should be the same color as the hair. The bolder and thicker your brows look, the more visible the slits will be.

2. Apply concealer around your brows.
Pick one that matches your skin tone and apply it around the edges of your brows. Rub it into your skin until you can’t see any bare edges of skin around your brows.

:small_blue_diamond: The concealer will match the tone of the brow slits to the skin around them.

:small_blue_diamond: You can use an applicator brush or your fingers to apply the concealer.

3. Dip a small detail brush into the concealer.
Select a small, flat brush from your makeup kit and dip it in the concealer of the same shade that you used around the brows. Cover the tip with the product.

4. Press the tip of the brush over your eyebrows.
Choose the place where you want to create the slits and touch your eyebrows with the brush to apply the concealer on them. Move it up and down to darken the line and try to make the edges as sharp as possible.

5. Let the concealer dry for 5 minutes.
Air out the wet concealer to speed up the drying process. Don’t go to the next step until it has dried.

6. Apply translucent powder to your brows with a makeup brush.
Use a thicker foundation brush and press it into the translucent powder. Dab it over the slits in and around the brows with the brush. This will make your slits look more natural and help you blend everything together.


If your eyebrows are fallow or poorly maintained, your eyebrow slits will give a sloppy look, not at all in the trend you are looking for. Once your eyebrows are immaculately done, take a trimmer (no need for a big model) and do a very quick vertical stroke. Then put on makeup as usual. Eyebrow slits can be worn with a pretty smokey eye as well as more nude makeup. The hairless line at the end of the eyebrow is no longer reserved for kekes or piercing accidents. Indeed, we must now count on this trend, both for men and women.

What is an eyebrow slit?

The eyebrow slit is a fashion trend that involves shaving a thin vertical line into the eyebrow with a razor or electric trimmer. Originally known as an eyebrow cut, the shaved gap in the forehead creates a popular and stylish aesthetic.

Split eyebrows were prevalent in the ‘80s and’ 90s, and are now coming back to style with the help of celebrities and beauty bloggers. The slash look started in hip-hop culture with Big Daddy Kane, who shaved lots of cuts in his eyebrow. With a recent focus on eyebrow makeup and styling, there are many styles of eyebrow trimming to consider. You can shave a line in your forehead at home or ask a hairdresser, cosmetologist or beautician.

Eyebrow slit meaning

The meaning of the eyebrow slit depends on the person as the shaved line is simply a style choice for fashion purposes. While the look has been associated with belonging to a gang in the past, these shaved lines don’t have the same negative connotations today. In general, an eyebrow cut can mean whatever you want and provide some kind of self-expression. Men and women can choose a meaningful design or experiment with ideas they find creative and stylish.

Eyebrow slit men

Single eyebrow slit

The unique eyebrow slit is a simple shaved line in just one eyebrow that results in a separate and cool look. Guys who want an easy way to try the trend should start small with just one brow cut. You can play around with a bolder look later when you master the slit shaving technique.

Double eyebrow slit

Double eyebrow slit can be characterized by two cuts in a single eyebrow or a shaved line in each. The most popular style features two shaved lines at the end of your forehead, creating a rugged look for men. Traditionally, slits are made towards the outside of each eyebrow, but you can style your eyebrows to suit your look. Just make sure to balance the two slits, making sure they are the same size and evenly spaced. This slit eyebrow style is a stronger look that exudes confidence and personality.

How to slit your eyebrow

You can use scissors, a razor, or an electric trimmer to create a slit in your eyebrow. Use duct tape as a guide to make sure you don’t lift off more than intended.
Start by brushing out your brows with a spoolie. Then decide where you want the cut to go and place two pieces of tape across your forehead to mark the placement. Slowly and with a steady hand, use a facial razor or electric trimmer to create the slit with small movements.

Eyebrow slits girl Meaning

Have you ever wondered about the origin of new and exciting makeup trends? Most of the time, nature inspires them; when Insta-beauty fanatics started using eye shadow palettes to create watermelons on their lids, we weren’t surprised. Long-standing beauty practices are also one of the major influences in makeup, updated a bit to accommodate modern times. You have to agree; the smoky eye must come from the kajal stained eyes that most desi girls do sport every morning. We are not sure, but wish it was.

In general, an eyebrow cut can mean whatever you want and provide some type of self-expression. Both men and women can choose a design that makes sense or experiment with ideas they find creative and stylish.

How to put a slit in your eyebrow?

So you decide to cut your eyebrows with your hands.

Make sure you have the following tools on hand:

:sparkles: Disposable razors (Better take a new one);

:sparkles: Electric razor with small cutter head

:sparkles: Razor blade open (Dangerous razor);

:sparkles: Shaving gel or foam

:sparkles: Ice or refrigeration compressor

:sparkles: Hydrogen peroxide;

:sparkles: Alcohol lotion

:sparkles: Waxing or styling gel

:sparkles: Tweezers;

:sparkles: Large mirror

Processing steps

In order for this process to be successful and to make some eyebrows a highlight instead of a funny one, these pointers need to keep in mind:

:sparkles: Before choosing an eyebrow slit, the first thing you need to do is prepare everything you need for this step.

:sparkles: Remove all makeup from your face (if any), wipe your skin with an alcohol-based cleansing and degreasing lotion. If your skin is prone to inflammation or swelling, it is best to first treat it with an ice cube or compress.

:sparkles: Before shaving, mark the corners and edges of the brow furrows with a cosmetic pencil. If you shave the wrong way, it will be very difficult to repair it, as the hair will not grow back. In addition, they may have different characteristics.

:sparkles: After marking the position and perspective of the future eyebrow incision with a pencil, correct the shape of the most important brow arch by pulling off the excess hair with tweezers. You can do this with a razor. But the tweezers will produce more lasting results.

:sparkles: If you are using a razor, keep a certain angle while shaving. Use small, light strokes and gently shave the area you want to shave. If you still can’t get rid of the scars, treat your skin right away with peroxide or alcohol.

:sparkles: Those who are confident in their abilities can take steps with a dangerous razor. Be sure to sharpen it in advance, a blunt tool will only scratch the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. How long do eyebrow slits take to grow back?

Do they grow back? The decision of whether or not to get an eyebrow slit depends a lot on how well you know your brows. On average, it can take 2 weeks to over a month for frontal hair to grow back.

2. How do you make an eyebrow make-up?

Apply translucent powder all over the eyebrows with a makeup brush. Take a foundation brush and press into the translucent powder. Pat the foundation brush gently across the browline and around the brow. This will make the cuts look more natural and will help mix everything together.

3. What are Fox eyebrows?

What are Fox Brows? Fox Brows is the technique we use to pull the eyebrows (using eyebrow tape) into a flat forehead. So many makeup artists use eyebrow tape to create a flat look.

4. Does Vaseline help your eyebrows grow longer?

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that any of the ingredients in Vaseline, the brand-name petroleum jelly, can make eyebrows appear thicker or fuller. However, Vaseline is very hydrating and may help the eyebrows look fuller and thicker, even if they grow at the same rate.

5. Why do men have to cut eyebrows?

Brow incisions or cuts occur naturally if the person is fighting and there is a cut in the area. They are remnants of injuries, often seen in old gangster movies, where actors had to shave part of their eyebrows to mimic that.


Eyebrow slit is the latest trend nowadays. Men and women both are doing eyebrow slits. It is a process of shaving a thin layer on the eyebrow with a razor. There are single eyebrow slits and double eyebrow slits, it is upto the person to choose whether to have single eyebrow slit or double. Eyebrow slits are taking the world by storm and has become popular in the whole world.